10 Ways to Get Kinkier in the Bedroom

Ladies, it's time. Whether you're looking to get out of a sex rut or simply interested in trying something new in the bedroom, a study has found that people who practice BDSM (aka bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) are psychologically healthier than their vanilla sex-loving counterparts. 

Whether you're yelling "Woo hoo!" and breaking out the whips and chains or are intimidated by the news, we say: let's get started! Here are 10 (easy) ways to get kinkier in the bedroom. Get your freak on, chicas!

1. Try On Some Sexy Lingerie.

If you’re new to getting kinkier in the bedroom, start small by simply dressing up in something sexy tonight. To up the heat in the bedroom, opt for a matching bra and thong set in a color that will make him melt, like a lace red and black number that he won't be able to take his eyes off of. Well, until he takes it off you, that is!

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2. Watch Some Porn Together.

Yes, his porn habit is totally normal--and you could benefit a bit from it, too! Start with picking out something that you might like, where the man is as beautiful as the woman and there's some semblance of "storyline". Then, use the couple time to get turned on and open up the dialogue about anything you see that you'd like to try. 

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3. Play With Unique Condoms.

Using the same old, same old can sometimes get tedious as the feelings and friction are getting pretty standard--and stale. Up the ante by trying a condom that can enhanse the sensations you and your man are already feeling, like a kit with a vibrating ring, one with studs sure to thrill you both or even one with lubricant made for inside and out. Yowza!

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4. Masturbate Together.

We know he does it. We know you do it (or you should!). So why not do the deed together? It's intense--and intensely pleasurable--to see your partner get themselves off. The best part? It's sure to give you ideas as to how to please him better, and visa versa. Plus, we promise he'll be so turned on that you'll be in for a H-O-T night afterward, too. 

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5. Leave the Bedroom.

We know that sex in the bedroom is hot, easy and comfortable--which is exactly why we recommend exploring the rest of the house once in a while! Hop in the shower together and leather each other up. Try doing it sitting up on the living room couch. Or even have him bend you over the kitchen table. It's all good!

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6. Don't Be Afraid of Sex Toys.

Yes, we've said it before and we'll say it again: sex toys are a great way to get some extra lovin' in the bedroom! There are plenty of toys to choose from, too, whether you're looking to start with something small like a bullet vibrator, aiming for some easy-to-use handcuffs or are looking for something to spank your man with. Head into your local sex shop, and look around!

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7. Spice Up the Foreplay.

One of the more important things for a healthy sex life is plenty of foreplay. Sure, we know that sometimes a quickie is great--but tonight, why not make the foreplay last as long as possible, and get as creative as possible, with some sexy dice? Take your time teasing, kissing, massaging and licking each other until you simply. can't. stop.

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8. Explore Other Erogenous Zones.

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9. Stop Relying On the Same Position.

We all know that, after a while, it's easy to start relying on those tried-and-true positions that you and your man love. But if you want to bring some kink into the bedroom (or out of it), it's time to get experimental! Whether it's trying that stand-on-your-head thing you heard about from your friend or exploring a Kama Sutra book, no time like the present to get a little frisky.

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10. Experiment 50 Shades of Grey-style.

The book that inspired the latest foray into BDSM territory has a trick or two to teach us all. Start with trying one of the toys that Christian and Anastasia play with, whether you go for a basic tying-each-other-up kit, a spanking paddle or kegel balls that are made to strengthen you down there--and turn you on. Now, time to get experimenting!

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