Fun Date Ideas for Summer Nights

Celebrate summer (and get out of your date rut!) with these fun outdoor ideas that won't kill your budget. 

1. Summer Dates: Drive-in Movie

Drive-In Movie

Kick the night off “old school” style with a drive-in movie. Sure, you may think the drive-in is way outdated, but it’s actually very romantic! Many cities across the nation still have drive-in theaters available and if your city doesn’t have a drive-in, check and see if your local park offers outdoor movie nights for an evening that is just as fun and romantic.

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2. Summer Dates: Festival

Local Fair or Festival

When the fair comes to town, it’s a great time to unleash your inner child. Roller coasters, games, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and fried, well, everything makes for a deliciously fun night. You can find local fairs and festivals by visiting your city and county government websites. And make sure you check out your local government agencies, libraries or banks to see if they offer a discount on tickets or wristbands!

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3. Summer Dates: Picnic

Picnic Under The Stars

All you need is a blanket, nibbles and a bottle of wine! Trust us, this is the good kind of cheesy. (Warning: make sure you know your location’s alcohol laws. Nothing ruins a romantic night like a ticket!)

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4. Summer Dates: Concert

Summer Concert

A concert (especially if it’s outdoors) is a great way to spend an evening together and have a fabulous time! With great music and great company, you can dance the night away and sing-along to your favorite music together. It’s the perfect bonding experience!

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5. Summer Dates: BBQ

A BBQ For Two

Nothing screams summer like a good old fashion BBQ. With good food (think burgers) and good drinks (think mojitos) you can easily have an enjoyable night together with out breaking the bank. And if you don’t own a barbecue, many city parks have them available on site, so you can fire-up the grill and have a nice a low-key date.

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