6 Foods and Drinks That Promote Great Sex

Food. We gotta have it. It's sustenance. It keeps us alive. It promotes...pleasure? Yes. And I'm not talking about the pleasure you feel when you devour a rich slice of chocolate cake, or a crunchy pastelito, or a savory and sugary cinnamon churro. Although that all tastes and feels amazing, eating certain foods can turn us on down there. And drinks are not to be left out. Sipping on a little somethin' somethin' may lead you to devour the man in your life.

Here are some foods and drinks that serve as aphrodisiacs and promote great sex:

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1. Red, Red Wine

Now I know why that UB40 song was so popular! According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who drink more red wine have a higher libido. So put down that tequila, chica! Sip on some vino rojo to get turned on.

2. Hot Chillies

Ay yay yay! It turns out the heat in your mouth when eating hot chillies can also heat up your privates. Capsaicin — a chemical found in those caliente peppers — gets our blood pumping and stimulates our nerve endings. That’s what turns us on like hot tamales. I mean, chillies. See, it’s worth the burn!

3. Avocados

Many Latinos love avocados and avocados promote great sex. Give it up for vitamin E, as it produces testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone in our bodies. These hormones make our vajayjays wetter and our clitoris’ bigger. And then we want some action!

4. Coffee

If you drink a cafecito in the morning, you know that it gets you going. Apparently, it also gears you up for sex. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant which increases our heart rate. That’s also what happens when we’re sexually aroused. So drink your Bustelo and get it on before starting your work day!

5. Honey

Not into coffee? Drink some tea with honey. According to The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia, honey gives us a sugar rush that triggers the dopamine response in the brain and causes us to feel happier. The happier you are, the sexier you feel. Ipso facto you’re going to want to get your freak on. Plus, honey contains vitamins B and boron, which increase sex hormones. Sip on that tea and get your crumpets rubbed.

6. Bananas

Aside from its phallic shape, bananas are packed with potassium — a chemical element that produces strong and healthy muscles. If you eat bananas regularly, your orgasms will be that much more intense. Those contractions will curl your toes, honey. Ooh, and add some honey on the tip and feel yourself come to life.