Flip Through Our Modern Latina Bride's Wedding Album!

Well, I've come to the end of my weekly Modern Latina Bride blog. For my last post, I wanted to share a few pictures of the day. It was quite a journey, but everything came together so wonderfully that day—all that hard work for the past 6 months really paid off. Of course, nothing is ever without glitches: I ended up forgetting my veil at the hotel! And some of our relatives brought more people than they had RSVP'd for (¡ay, nuestras familias!). However, all that really matters is why you are doing this in the first place: To vow to be there for each other, no matter what, forever, to celebrate your new union with family and friends and to mark the beginning of your life together as a family. Everything else (be it tasteless mojitos or last-minute seating changes) is secondary!

And for those of you planning your own event: Good luck! And please enjoy every minute! 

1. Yuliana Wedding 1-

The place cards are all ready for when our guests start arriving! These are the cards from Wedding Paper Divas that matched with our invites, menus and favor labels. 

2. Yuliana Wedding 2-

The walk down the aisle was decorated with the falling leaves and the autumn foliage in the background. We were so lucky to have had a beautiful day—and those fall colors Chris and I love were so vibrant. 

3. Yuliana Wedding 3

Chris and I inspected the grounds earlier in the day before our ceremony; it was a good photo op before the craziness of the day began. We actually took our wedding pictures before the wedding. Yes, we gave up the "first look"—when the groom sees his bride for the first time on her walk down the aisle—but with the timing and the location that we wanted for the pictures, that's what we had to do. 

4. Yuliana Wedding 4

Posing for a photo in front of the limo. This was Chris's choice of ride for the day: a 1969 Rolls-Royce. 

5. Yuliana Wedding 5

A close-up shot of my bouquet; our florist did such an amazing job!

6. Yuliana Wedding 6

During our ride to take the wedding pictures, Chris's button came off his jacket. But our super prepared driver had a mending kit on hand. 

7. Yuliana Wedding 7

One of our many favorite pictures with the skyline in the background. 

8. Yuliana Wedding 8

Another one of our favorites! We can't say enough good things about our photographer, Kimberly Mufferi. 

9. Yuliana Wedding 9

Before heading to the ceremony and reception, we take a quick champagne break!

10. Yuliana Wedding 10

Some of our guests were waiting for us to start taking their seats before the ceremony!

11. Yuliana Wedding 11

My amazing hubby-to-be with his amazing family: Sisters and mom. 

12. Yuliana Wedding 12

My dad (who also officiated) and Chris waiting for my walk down the aisle. 

13. Yuliana Wedding 13

My mami walked me down the aisle. 

14. Yuliana Wedding 14

Saying our I do's!

15. Yuliana Wedding 17

The rings! I am so ready to be Mrs. Delgado!

16. Yuliana Wedding 16

"And you may kiss the bride!" 

17. Yuliana Wedding 18

Yay! We're married!

18. Yuliana Wedding 18

Finally, after a short break during cocktail hour, we make our way into the reception. 

19. Yuliana Wedding 19

Our first dance as husband and wife was to Carlos Vives's romantic vallenato "Tu Amor Eterno." 

20. Yuliana Wedding 20

Chris and his mom had a blast during their mother-son dance! Chris started with Roberto Carlos's "Lady Laura" but mixed it up with one of her favorite dance songs by House musician Edward Maya. 

21. Yuliana Wedding 21

Now it's everyone's turn to join in on the dancing; Chris reserved a dance for two important women in his life!

22. Yuliana Wedding 22

Our bright centerpieces really gave the tables a nice pop of color. 

23. Yuliana Wedding 23

More dancing before dinner!

24. Yuliana Wedding 24

The main course finally makes its way to the tables. 

25. Yuliana Wedding 25

Chris and I can't wait to start on the delicious Dominican cake made by Gladis—each layer is filled with half Colombian arequipe, half strawberry sweets, and it's frosted with Dominican suspiro (or merengue). It was one of the highlights of the night! 

26. Yuliana Wedding 26

Everyone joins in for one of our first pictures together as the new extended family. 

27. Yuliana Wedding 27

We take a moment with Chris's dad. 

28. Yuliana Wedding 28

With our super cute and very diligent ring-bearers!

29. Yuliana Wedding 29

Our moment toward the end of the reception to celebrate our union. It was truly an amazing night. 

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