5 Things You Need to Know About the First Dating App for Latinos

5 Things You Need to Know About the First Dating App for Latinos

When I first ventured into online dating there were few Latino men online. It was 2004, online dating wasn’t cool and many Latinos felt that only losers found love on the Internet. Well, tattoo my forehead with a capital "L." I met Boo online, and he is half Puerto Rican and half Vietnamese. Still, the journey to meeting an hombre who understands my cultura and language was a long and bumpy one.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be for you. Enter MiCrush app: the first dating app for Latinos. MiCrush was created for Latinos that want to date and build a relationship with Latinos. And the app was needed.

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“We looked at the major demographics in the US and were shocked to find that there were no dating apps for Latinos, the second largest and fastest growing demographic in the US,” said Sonya Kreizman, CEO of Crush Mobile. Plus, “studies show that once a person is ready for a serious relationship, he or she will often date someone of a similar background who shares a similar upbringing and interests.”

So if you want to date a Latino man, take notes. Here’s what you need to know about the MiCrush app:

Filter by roots.

If you want to date a Cuban, Mi Crush App allows you to search for Cuban men, and any other culture you desire! That’s because this new dating app allows you to filter by roots, that is you can “browse singles from only the nations of origin you are interested in,” explained Kreizman. Some of the cultures that are on the list include: Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian, Colombian and many more. You can have your pick of the Latino litter!

Upload your Instagram pics.

Let’s face it: most of us only take pics to post on Instagram. The filters help us look like supermodels and the many likes boost our self-esteem. Well, Mi Crush App allows you to upload your profile picture via your Instagram profile. Best bet: choose the selfie with the most likes. You’ll get noticed by an hombre in no time.

Go incognito.

If you don’t want to be seen by that chico who keeps saying hola, you can go incognito. When you turn on this feature, you are on private mode, and will only be seen by certain users on the app. It’s like caller ID! Screen those suitors, chicas.

Hablamos Español.

Chatting with a man in your mother tongue can be a turn on. Luckily, Mi Crush App is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. For those who feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish, turn it on and flirt en español. Plus, it increases your chances to meet a man online who is bilingual.

Men are the initiators.

Chivalry isn’t dead, y’all! If you are tired of chasing men, and want an hombre who can man up and initiate communication, Mi Crush App may just be the place for you. According to Sonya, men are very active on the app. “Although both sexes log in between 5-10 times a day, men swipe right a lot more than women.” Yes, Mi Crush App works a lot like Tinder: swipe right and that means you’re interested; swipe left and that means adios muchacho! Also, the app’s “Say Hola” feature allows men to initiate contact directly, and not with just a swipe.

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Lucky for you, 80 percent of men use the “Say Hola” feature on Mi Crush App. So you’ll interact and connect with a man from your cultura in no time.