Say Hello to the First All-Nude Restaurant

Hold the Pubes! Introducing the First All-Nude Restaurant

When I first heard there is an all-nude restaurant opening up, I thought: but what of the pubes?!

You’re on a date with a guy that hasn’t trimmed his man-bush, and he reaches over to pass the salt. Will his hairy balls dip into the sauce? And what about the chefs — do they cook naked? Oh, think of the health code violations. Or not.

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Apparently, people are all about dining in the buff. The Bunyadi, a restaurant that will be clothing-optional and is scheduled to open in London in June, already has 16,000 people on their waiting list. What’s the appeal? The creator, Seb Lyall, believes the concept is liberating and embraces body positivity and acceptance. Or people just really want to experience this nudist delight.

As for the kitchen staff, they will be clothed. Waiters, however, will serve you with almost nothing on. So watch out for a little extra something in your soup.