From Facebook: Your Funniest Nicknames!

Recently on Facebook, we posted our story “Why Do So Many Latino Celebs Go By More Than One Name?” and asked you, “What’s the funniest Latino nickname in your family?” Check out some of the comments here:

Noemi LeNette: My aunt is CUSA.... my uncle KILO..... and my brother JEDI..... yep!, Oh, original names are Gladys, Jose, and Jedidiah... :)

Christa Cecilia Parra: I have a cousin names Chiva! And trust me she acts like an untrainable animal

Jessica Toy Delgado: Use to call daughter ~ Chichi cause she was like a 3rd chichi ~

Nancy Rivera: We called my nephew Pulga. cuz he was so son was called Pipi-Long-Fingers...cuz he has long other son Pollo cuz he was always pecking at somebody!!

Cindy Acevedo: I call my brother Chancho named after the cute chunky boy in "Nacho Libre"

Karina Ramirez: They call my cousin "el Guasonkles" his brother "el Vejuko" & my brother "el Escalera" oh b cuz he is taaaalll...

Diana Alanis Gutierrez: Mine was La Chaka, my sis La Chilly Willy n my bro El Gogos! (say with a Mex Acent)