Diary of a Catholic School Girl: I Never Had Sex Ed

Diary of a Catholic School Girl: I Never Had Sex Ed
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When was the first time you learned about sex? For some, it was when their parents sat them down for a nice little chat about the birds and the bees. Others maybe accidentally found their brother’s stash of porn magazines (a scar that still stings).

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Me, on the other hand – I learned about sex from The Real World. You see, I never got a formal introduction or explanation. So instead, I got my first glimpse in the early 2000s while watching episodes of the hit MTV reality show with my older sister. And if you had any doubts at all, “seven strangers picked to live in a house” are not a reliable source for learning about what goes on between the sheets. But allow me to backtrack a bit. 

I was fortunate enough to attend private, Catholic school since my pre-K days, all the way through high school. Though not strictly religious, my parents always felt the school uniforms, close-knit community and curriculum of private school was important, and so off I went for the next 18 years. Before I go on to pick a bone with Catholic school, I must say that my school years, and childhood as a whole, were the best I could have ever asked for. No time was spent wasted on perfecting my outfit choices, but instead on creating the well-rounded persona that my parents spent the big bucks on.

It wasn't until recently that I began to look back on my catholic school career and notice some missing pieces to the puzzle. Aside from being neglected of my right to wear nailpolish for 10+ years, I realized how stunted, naive and clouded my views of sex were. It makes sense, right? What else would a catholic school be teaching besides abstinence and pro-life views?

Now, at the age of 24, I can confidently say that my schooling experience lacked any real sex ed, leaving out some of the most important topics including safe sex, STDs, and a woman's right to her own body. I learned that I was deprived of these lessons by talking with some friends and colleagues who attended public school, and now have a one-up on me in terms of sex knowledge. "My teacher showed me how to put a condom on a banana," one friend explained. Another: "My teacher drew a man and a woman on the board, parts and all." All my friends' memories included a no-frills account of what actually goes down in the bedroom; no fancy words, no one-sided views. Just the facts, and an open floor to ask any questions whatsoever.

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