Crushing On...Cristian de la Fuente

We asked you to vote on who should be’s Crush and the results are in. This week, we’re Crushing on Cristian de la Fuente, who is back in a big way on the ABC hit Private Practice as Dr. Rodriguez—and yes, he’s even hotter in a lab coat. Cristian was clearly the winner online, but our FB fans were buzzing about Jets cutie Mark Sanchez. The quarterback may not have made it to the Superbowl, but he’s still a champ in our eyes so he gets an honorary mention.

Name: Cristian de la Fuente
Age: 36
Roots: Chilean
Why the crush? Maritza Navarro, one of our Facebook friends loves Cristian because “He’s a fine looking man.” In the office we can’t get enough of his clean-cut looks and elegant charm. Cristian was also an officer and pilot in the Chilean Air Force reserves.

Now here is where it gets fun: Is your man hotter? Does he look just like the guy we picked? Do they have the same type of job? Every Wednesday, go to and upload a photo of the REAL guy you are crushing on and we will pick our favorite. Also, make sure to come back on Monday to vote for next week’s crush!