The Most Creative Ways to Learn New Sex Tricks

We know that you love anything that'll help you have more hot sex and a good orgasm may be exactly what you're looking for (ahem) but have you ever thought to yourself: "isn't there a more fun way to get my rocks off?"

Whether you've loved masturbating with some of our favorite discreet sex toys or you've already tried all of our 50 Shades of Grey-inspired bondage 101 sex toys, there are actually even more creative ways to enjoy your time between the sheets with your man. We've got the 6 most creative ways to learn new sex tricks. Trust us, you'll be screaming the Big O in no time!

1. sex toys slide 01 sex positions coloring book

Sex Position Coloring Book

Who would have ever thought that a simple coloring book can get you hot? Well, this isn't exactly a simple one. If you're looking for a fun way to learn a new position or two, the kind you and your man might just love to try out, then this one's the one you want.

2. sex toys slide 02 Solar powered vibrator

Solar-Powered Bullet Vibrator

Want to have a little fun between the sheets AND do something good for the environment? This handly little bullet vibrator (you know, the kind perfect for that clitoral stimulation many of us ladies need) is just the ticket. Have some fun with your eco-friendly device.

3. sex toys slide 03 Passion Candle

Origins Passion Candle

Setting the mood has never been as easy as it is with this sexy candle. Light it and you'll fill the room with the scent of this oil-based candle. The best part, though? Once it melts, the oil from the candle can actually be used for massage. You'll never feel more sensuous than this.

4. sex toys slide 04 Tenga egg masturbator

Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Well, you got yours with the solar-powered bullet vibrator, right? Now it's time to show some loving to your man. This easy male masturbator will prove to be worth every penny when your hubby falls for the lubrication and new sensations that come within the toys.

5. sex toys slide 05 Oral trainer

The Oral Trainer

Ahem, well, talk about sending a message! If you want to improve your guys' oral skills, you just need this toy that's described as the "Bowflex for your tongue" and is supposed to train your man's, well, tongue to be come one powerful, woman-pleasing machine. Nothing wrong with that!

6. sex toys slide 06 Sexy Dice

Sexy Dice

Time to make booty time a fun game! With these sexy dice, you can spice things up in the bedroom by rolling them and then letting them tell you what to do. The almost endless combinations are a sure-fire way to try something new with your man.