Commentary: My Date From GOP Hell

I don’t usually date conservative men—I can’t say that I have come across that many of them as the daughter of a theater actress. But when I got a message from a cute guy on a dating site complimenting my personality and my witty status updates—I decided to take a chance, despite the words “right wing,” “strong opinions” and “Lou Dobbs” being in his bio. Though he seemed a little square from my usual (tucked-in button down shirt in pictures, stiffly worded messages), he seemed different from anyone I had dated, and hey, sometimes opposites attract.

Besides, his bio said that he was open to different opinions and that he liked women who speak their mind, and are smart, athletic and articulate. That’s me.

So we made a date to meet a neighborhood bar. Now, like most women, when I go on a date, I like to be charmed, wined and dined while I enjoy a fun, light evening. Interrogations, accusations, guilt-tripping and fact-checking don’t give me butterflies; they give me the willies.