Commentary: My Date From GOP Hell

The date started harmlessly enough. He arrived dressed to impress and ordered a beer.  He did the typical guy thing where his attention drifts in and out as he watches any game on television over the bar and checks out my breasts and legs when he thinks I’m not looking. Pretty normal so far…

But after finishing his drink, he began loosening up—but not in a fun, getting-to-know-you way, unless your idea of fun is a CIA-style two-hour “interrogation” that feels a lot like torture.

When we discussed our educational backgrounds, he volunteered that he was a Harvard grad and scoffed when I revealed the state school I attended. That ignited the professor in him, apparently, and he then took it upon himself to offer supplemental reading suggestions. “I advise you to read the Wall Street Journal for a month,” he said. “Stay on top of current events! Ugh, and stay away from the New York Times.”