How To Deal When Your Brother Starts Dating Your Enemy

Brother Starts Dating Enemy

There is nothing like the love of familia. Latinos, in particular, are super loyal to their blood. But what happens when your brother dates your ex BFF?

That's one question the Kardashians will have to answer now that their brother, Rob Kardashian, has begun a relationship with their sworn enemy, Blac Chyna. Chyna is Tyga’s baby momma and Tyga allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner, who's now his girlfriend. Blac Chyna is also besties with Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West. And Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian. Did I mention that Kim and Blac Chyna were once BFF’s? Dios mio. This is dramatic.

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So, how should the Kardashians react to Rob? It isn't easy, but there is a proper way to deal with this situation. So step off Twitter (no need for a public feud!). Here's what to do when your brother starts dating your enemy:

#1: Hear him out.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and tweeting your disappointment, talk to him about what he's thinking and how he's feeling. Does she motivate him to be a better person? Does she make him feel good about himself? Is he just having fun? Hear him out before kicking him out of your house.

#2: Have a family meeting.

Hold an intervention of sorts, but only if you believe your enemy has ill intentions toward your brother. “But she must be using him,” you rationalize. “She's using him to hurt me!” Not exactly. Love occurs between the most random people. Maybe that loving feeling brought them together. Rob is allegedly happy with Blac Chyna, and your brother might be in a good place with your enemy! If you don't believe that for a second, say so in your family meeting. Gather your close relatives to tell your brother he is loved and that you all want what's best for him. Come from a place of concern and love, not anger or resentment.

#3: Leave the door open.

You know, in case your enemy chews him up and spits him out. Don't turn your back on your brother. Tell him you're there for him no matter what! He's family after all, and family is por vida.

#4: Speak to your enemy.

I know, you never want to speak to that chica again! But if things between her and your brother are serious, she might be in his life for a long time. Unless you want to lose him, discuss your issues with her and only her. Woman up and try to make amends. You don't have to be her BFF again, but come to terms with their relationship and find a way to be cordial. If she's not having it, you look like the best sister in the world, and she just looks petty. Your brother will take notice!

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#5: Realize this isn't about you.

In the end your brother is going to date who he wants to date. You can't force him to stop seeing someone because you hate them. And you don't want a former friendship to end your sibling bond. Suck it up, realize this relationship isn't about you, and support and love your brother. Only time will tell if they will last. If and when the relationship fails, catch him when he falls.