The Reason Most Women Dumped Their Man in 2016 (Hint: You Can Thank Trump)

The Reason Most People Break Up? Political Differences

If Valentine’s Day feels happen to feel a little sparse this year, you can thank President Trump.

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Okay, he’s not the only one to blame, but politics were certainly an issue when it came to the dating game last year. WhatsYourPrice released the Top Breakup Reasons of 2016, and the results showed a scary divide between men and women.

Members of the dating website were asked their reasoning for their breakups between November 1st and December 31st of 2016. All of the 6,842 respondents were given 10 options categorized by gender. Women said that 35% of their breakups were due to political differences, while 27% of men said weight gain was their biggest breakup catalyst. The question still stands as to whose weight gain was an issue for men when it came to their relationships.

When it came to sex, 24% of women cited bad times in the bedroom as being a major relationship-ender. Men were more satisfied, with only 12% of them saying bad sex was their reason for a breakup. (Both parties can likely use some help from their iPhones when it comes to jumping into the sack.) Men, however, were more prone to jealousy than women — 18% said jealousy was the reason they ending things, whereas women only came in 10% in that category.

“It’s no surprise women and men disagree on the biggest breakup reason of 2016. When a relationship ends, it means the parties involved cannot see eye-to-eye or reconcile their differences,” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice. “Two people could give their opinions on why they think their relationship ended, but it’s often a lack of honest and open communication that dooms a partnership.” 

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Regardless of the reasons for cutting ties, getting through a breakup can be tough but not as tough as staying in a relationship with someone who you can't see eye-to-eye.