The 10 Best Viral Engagement Proposal Videos!

We’ll admit it: we’re a sucker for anything over-the-top when it comes to gestures of love. And what bigger moment to completely go for it than a proposal? With wedding season in full force, we’re taking a look at some of the most amazing proposals that have made the internet rounds. 

1. Proposals: Puppet Proposal

Puppet Proposal

Who knew puppets were the way to go when it comes to a proposal? Arranging a “movie night” at their church, Stacy Ayotte created and aired a fake film trailer with puppets to chronicle his relationship with girlfriend Donita Hagan. All we can say is: pass the tissues.

2. Proposals: Bruno Mars Experience

Bruno Mars Experience

Isaac, or as we will now refer to him, the most amazing boyfriend, staged a lipsynch extravaganza for his girlfriend Amy. While looking out the back of a Honda CRV, she witnessed an entire choreographed proposal to the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. And, well, just watch…

3. Proposals: Bruno Mars Flashback

Bruno Mars Flashback

It just makes sense that “Marry You” has become popular for proposals, but this flashmob is also amazing. Jamin Love and Valerie Albania had been together for six years and are both dance directors for the Marvels Dance Company. Jamin used the dance company for a little proposal action in Downtown Disney.

4. Proposals: Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

For the show Mobbed, Howie Mandel helps one guy propose to his girlfriend in true style. No, seriously.

5. Proposals: Fast & Furious Fake Out

Fast & Furious Fake Out

Matt Still told his girlfriend Ginny he had to work on a Saturday, getting his brother to take her to the newest Fast and Furious flick. The trailer perks Ginny up after she hears a familiar voice…

6. Proposals: He Fell in Love… Literally

He Fell in Love… Literally

Josh falls off a building in a proposal to his fiancée Brooke, who almost has a heart attack. (Understandably.)

7. Proposals: Work for Ellen and Find Love

Work for Ellen and Find Love

Ellen’s Field Producer Aaron surprises his girlfriend (and Ellen’s wardrobe assistant, Jen) with a proposal on-air. So precious.

8. Proposals: Surprise On-Air Proposal

Surprise On-Air Proposal

One weather forecaster gets the surprise of her life on-air!

9. Proposals: The Memes Say “Marry Me”

The Memes Say “Marry Me”

Sometimes, memes just say it better.

10. Proposals: Foster the People Proposal

Foster the People Proposal

Will Staney uses a Foster the People concert to propose to his girlfriend Mallary. Perhaps the cutest part is finding out they had a baby boy they named Foster!