The 8 Hottest Sex Scenes From TV & Movies

When it comes to sex, we all need a little imagination. You can watch a porn flick; but, if you’re not a fan, there are plenty of other things you can watch to turn you on. Times have changed, and networks are pushing the envelope. After all, sex sells.

Lucky for us, we have a slew of sexy scenes to choose from. Whether you’re a lover of the threesome, solo sex or a little spanking, here are the best sex scenes from TV shows and movies: 

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1. Sex Scenes: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Many of us were first introduced to Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives. She was half-naked most of the time and oh-so sultry! On the very first episode we catch Gabby Solis (Longoria) getting it on with the hot John Rowland (Jesse Metcalfe). Have you seen his abs and pecs? What makes this sex scene even steamier is that Gabby almost gets caught by her husband, Carlos! 

2. Sex Scenes: How Stella

How Stella Got Her Groove Back: Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs

The last time Stella (Angela Bassett) and her Jamaican lover, Winston (Taye Diggs), make love there are tears, caresses and so much steam. We watch as Stella straddles Taye in the bath, and "ooh" as his plump behind leans against the glass shower door. Next, they’re doing it in her bed. When she orgasms, she cries. A solitary tear rolls down her cheek because the sex is just that good! 

3. Sex Scenes: Eva Mendes

We Own The Night: What’s hotter than Eva Mendes? Eva Mendes masturbating in We Own the Night. In a black sequin dress, she lays on a gold couch and plays with herself as Bobby (Joaquin Phoenix) watches. And touches her breasts. And kisses her. And licks her breasts. Ay, I’m getting hot and bothered just describing it! 

4. Sex Scenes: Boy Next Door

The Boy Next DoorAny sex scene with Jennifer Lopez is hot. I mean, it’s J.Lo! Add a crazy obsessed, hot neighbor to the mix and I am sold. In The Boy Next Door, Noah (Ryan Guzman) can’t get enough of Claire (Lopez). She’s all like, “I have to go!”, but she doesn’t really want to. So, they get it on right in the living room. Ryan kisses her from top to bottom, making us all wish we were Jennifer Lopez. 

5. Sex Scenes: Atonement

Atonement: A library can be just as sexy as the boudoir. At least that’s how I felt while watching Atonement. Robbie (James McAvoy) literally bangs Cecilia (Keira Knightley) against a bookshelf. If you didn’t love books, you’ll love ‘em now, mujer!

6. Sex Scenes: Secretary

SecretaryThe first of many S&M films, Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, contains a multitude of outside-the-box sex scenes. She’s been a bad, bad employee, and so she gets spanked on her bottom. Let’s not forget when he puts a saddle on her back, or when she crawls on the floor with a letter that she’s typed up in her mouth. Kinky!

7. Sex Scenes: Y Tu Mama Tambien

Y Yu Mama TambienThe most memorable sex scene in Y Tu Mama Tambien has to be the sex scene between Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal), Tenoch (Diego Luna) and Luisa (Maribel Verdu). That’s right — it’s a threesome with two men! After some drinks and some dancing, the sexual tension that's been building for months finally comes to a head. It’s graphic, and the morning after is awkward. When you share spit with your BFF that’s bound to happen. 

8. Sex Scenes: The Counselor

The CounselorThe Counselor opens with Laura (Penelope Cruz) and The Counselor (Michael Fassbender) tossing under white bed sheets. Penelope, looking as gorgeous as ever, says, “I want you to put your hand up my dress.” But she’s not wearing a dress. So his fingers crawl up underneath the sheet that’s wrapped around her naked body. He fondles her to orgasm. She moans and gasps. I dare this scene not turn you on.