This Map Shows the Average Erect Penis Size By Country

This Map Shows the Average Erect Penis Size By Country
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Ask any man, in any corner of the world, and they’ll tell you that size means everything. More likely than not, these men have only one idea of how big their penis “should” be, and it comes from looking down at themselves, or sneaking a peek in the gym locker room. This new world map, however, shows the average erected penis size from every country around the world, and turns out everything isn’t bigger in Texas.

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First things first, the average size here in the United States is 14.2 cm, which falls at exactly the midway point on the scale compared to other countries. (Be sure to tell your boo that he needs an ego check…) Below the U.S. are a few Latin American countries worth noting: Brazil, known for its ultra-sexy guys, has an average erect penis of 12.3 cm; Venezuela boasts 12.9 cm; lastly, Bolivia clocks in at 12.3 cm. Countries with the lowest averages include India, Thailand, and small islands off of Indonesia.

Now, the fun part: Countries in Africa, including Angola, DR Congo and Nigeria, boast the biggest penises, averaging 16.10-17.90 cm. Mexico, amongst other countries, follows close behind, with an average erected penis size of 14.9 cm.

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All this comparing may be helpful, but what does it really mean? Sure, you may have to travel halfway across the world to find a size that suits your needs, but the truth still remains the same: Both a man with a big penis and a man with a small penis have the ability to treat you like a queen that you are. Chase that, ladies.