9 Hollywood Breakups: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

There are exactly three types of Hollywood breakups: good, bad, and downright ugly! And the recent news of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's sudden breakup (which the singers have handled amicably!)—got us thinking about other high-profile breakups that took the world by surprise. To quote the ultimate relationship show, Sex and the City: "There really is no good way to break up with someone, is there?"

1. Breakups: Bad: Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

Ended: October 14, 2010

Status: Bad Breakup

Why: After Christina Aguilera filed for divorce from her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman last year (citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split), Jordan refused to move out of their Beverly Hills mansion, even though it was owned by Christina. It took the stubborn Jordan about five months to pack his bags! Luckily, Christina had a prenuptial agreement that protected her earnings from Bratman—whom she married in November of 2005otherwise the Ecuadorian singer may have lost a ton of money as well in the split.

Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce

2. Breakups: Good: Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake

Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake

Ended: 2007

Status: The Good. 

Why: After breaking up in 2007, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake rebounded pretty quickly with Jessica Biel and Alex Rodriguez. Neither of them trashed each other in the tabloids, and this year, they really proved they are not holding a grudge about the breakup when Justin played Cameron's love interest in the irreverent comedy, Bad Teacher. "I guess the real truth is that they're good friends," said Jake Kasdan, the movie's director, who added that JT and Cameron even managed to get through a hilarious sex scene together. "They got in there and started doing it. And it was so funny, we just couldn't stop shooting it. And we were doing it almost the whole day. And really crying, laughing at the [video] monitors,' he said.

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3. Breakups: Bad: Don Omar & Jackie Guerrido

Don Omar & Jackie Guerrido

Ended: February, 2011

Status: The Ugly.

Why: In the 4 years they were together, Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido were both accused of cheating on each other. Rumors surfaced that they would have screaming matches at the Univision studios where Jackie works as a weather girl, and Don Omar even threatened her via Twitter: “It’s been more than 10 months since I hear from you thanks to your lies and the mediocre people you work with. You have 72 hours to get everything back to normal without this affecting anyone else. Otherwise, you will all know what I am capable of when you disrespect me in the way you all have," he tweeted. No wonder Jackie's forecasts always call for thunder and lightning! 

Jackie Guerrido & Don Omar: A Timeline of Love, Then Hate

4. Breakups: Bad: Adrienne Bailon & Rob Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon & Rob Kardashian

Ended: March, 2009

Status: Good

Why: They were endearing together on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but when Rob Kardashian cheated on Adrienne Bailon in March of 2009, the former Cheeta Girl ended their 2-year relationship. Still, even after he betrayed her, Adrienne remained good friends with Rob's sisters: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. 

Adrienne Bailon's Cheetah Girl Days Are Officially Over

5. Breakups: Bad: Daisy Fuentes & fiance

Daisy Fuentes & Matt Goss

Ended: January, 2010

Status: Bad

Why: When Daisy Fuentes ended her 12-year-long relationship with singer Matt Goss last year, reports surfaced that the Cuban TV host had been cheating on her long-time partner with her ex-lover, Luis Miguel. After their split, Matt pretty much admitted to RadarOnline.com that he'd been had. "We had a long and loving relationship. This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone," Goss said. 

Report: Daisy Fuentes Cheats on Longtime BF with Luis Miguel

6. Breakups: Bad: Eddie Cibrian & Brandi Glanville

Eddie Cibrian & Brandi Glanville

Ended: March, 2009

Status: Ugly

Why: After Cuban actor, Eddie Cibrian and country singer, LeAnn Rimes were caught having an affair in March of 2009 (while they were both married to other people), Brandi Glanville, Cibrian's wife of eight years, began trashing her husband and Rimes in interviews with various tabloids. She made fun of Cibrian's unemployment status as an actor, and essentially called him a hypocrite to the press. "You think you know one thing and you wake up and it's all been a lie." Glanville said before warning Rimes: “He’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever." Ouch!

BREAKING: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are Engaged!

7. Breakups: Good: Shakira & Antonio de la Rua

Shakira & Antonio de la Rua

Ended: January, 2011

Status: Good

Why: After 10 years together, Shakira and her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua broke up in January of this year. The singer blogged about the breakup on her website. "They have been the most wonderful years of our lives, and thanks to that love and the respect that we share for one another we have been an exceptional couple and partners. However, since August 2010, we made a mutual decision to take time apart from our romantic relationship," she wrote. Despite the fact that they're no longer together, Shaki and Antonio still work together: "Antonio continues to oversee and conduct my business and career interests as he has always done," Shakira wrote. "We move forward as partners, developing projects together, working hand in hand and in close communication."

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8. Breakups: Bad: Dayanara Torres & Marc Anthony

Dayanara Torres & Marc Anthony

Ended: January, 2004

Status: Bad

Why: For their wedding on May 9, 2000, Marc Anthony surprised Dayanara Torres by chartering two private jets and taking her to Las Vegas for an impromptu midnight ceremony in front of 15 guests. Too bad the honeymoon was short-lived. The couple, who shares two sons (Cristian and Ryan ), went on to separate twice before Torres filed for divorce in 2004. Just four days after the divorce became final, Marc tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles—that couldn't have made Dayanara happy. In 2008, Dayanara co-wrote a self-help book titled Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led to Triumph After Divorce, in which she gave advice about finding happiness after divorce. 

Dayanara Torres Refuses to Comment on J.Lo/Marc Anthony Split

9. Breakups: Bad: Kelis & Nas

Kelis & Nas

Ended: 2009

Status: The Ugly.

Why: Since their breakup in 2009, Kelis has accused Nas of abandoning her during her pregnancy, and she has asked for child support, spousal support, and attorney fees and costs from Nas. The more money Kelis asks for, the farther apart they drift. 

Kelis & Nas's Baby Mama Drama

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