7 Reasons to Kiss a Girl and Like It

When Katy Perry sang that she kissed a girl and liked it, the media went into a frenzy. Is she bisexual? Does she want other women to make out with other women? Neither. It’s just a song, chicas!

However, a study does suggest that there may be something to Perry’s hit and why it struck a chord among women. According to researchers, as heterosexual women age they become more attracted to other women. For women, there tends to be a grey area regarding sexuality and sexual preference. So much so that when asked, 60 percent of women stated they were physically interested in other women; 50 percent of women admitted to having sexual fantasies about the same sex; and 45 percent of women revealed that they’ve kissed women in the past.

Maybe we should, too. Let’s explore the reasons why women should a kiss a girl. You may even like it.

1. Explore a Fantasy

If you’re one of the women who fantasizes about other women, get it out of your system! Kiss a girl. Explore your sexuality. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to plant your lips on that woman you’ve been eyeing. Just make sure she is available and interested in a smooch. 

2. In the Spirit of a Threesome

Your man asks for a threesome and you agree. This is the perfect time to bring a woman into your bedroom and kiss her. Your man won’t mind. As a matter of fact, he will probably cheer you on as loudly and excitedly as he does a soccer player on the field during The World Cup. 

3. Kissing Lesson

Remember that movie Cruel Intentions? One of its infamous scenes is when Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) teaches Cecile (Selma Blair) how to french kiss. If you are inexperienced or have never been kissed just like Cecile, kissing another girl is perfect practice before the real deal. 

4. Curiosity

As the Spanish saying goes, “la curiosidad mató al gato.” Oh, but satisfaction always brings the cat back! Scratch that itch and kiss a girl. Satisfy your curiosity if only for a moment. It’s better to explore what peaks your interest then wonder about it all of your life. Go for it and live with no regrets! 

5. A Party Hookup

A friend of mine recently admitted to me that she kissed a girl at a party. “We were talking on the sofa and were having a really intense and intimate conversation. and she just went for it,” Paula, 36, said. Paula didn’t regret it; she actually enjoyed it and is glad that it happened when and where it did. “A party is a great place for hookups. So if you want to kiss a girl, why not?” My sentiments exactly. 

6. When In College

One of the best times to lip lock with another gal is in college. You will receive less judgement from your peers as college is made for exploration. Sure, you attend college to further your education, but you are also there to become a more independent woman. That includes discovering who you are and what you like, and you may just like kissing girls. 

7. Blame It on the Alcohol

When it doubt make out when you’ve had a little too much tequila. You’ll be buzzed, feel good, and have plenty of liquid courage to plant your lips on a girl. Follow Pitbull’s lead and take “Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!” and then kiss a girl. According to the research, it’s what you want to do anyway.