7 Fun & (Almost) Free Ideas for Valentine's Day

Let’s face it, a fancy meal at an overpriced restaurant may sound like the perfect Valentine’s Day for you, but chances are your guy isn’t as enthusiastic. The high expectations, the gifts, the candy, the expense—it's easy for a guy to get overwhelmed. Try some of these low-cost, low-pressure activities that you’ll BOTH love, without sacrificing romance!

1) Go Ice Skating. Whose says you can’t take your V-Day outdoors? Do something unique. Head to a nearby skating rink and glide the afternoon away with your love. The point is to have fun and enjoy one another’s company. You don't even have to worry about falling, he’ll be right there to pick you!

2) Get Cooking. There’s a reason why they say that food is the key to a man’s heart, so stay in and start cooking together. Try a meal that’s great for cold weather like a yummy sancocho or a spicy Mexican Chili. Keep it romantic with some sexy dinner music in the background and a bottle of red wine.

3) Take a stroll. Bundle up and take a walk together! It will give you some time to really talk one-on-one and enjoy each others company without the distraction of a noisy restaurant. Window shop, grab a cup of hot cocoa and engage in some shameless PDA.

4) Have a romantic indoor picnic. Go bohemian and throw a blanket on the floor, light some candles and enjoy a nice candle-lit picnic in your living room. Open a bottle of your favorite bubbly and read each other love poems, we reccomend Pablo Neruda’s sonnets.

5) Go down Memory Lane. Go back to the first place you kissed and exchange homemade cards. Nothing says "I love you" like something you make with your own hands. Recreating one of your most meaningful moments together will most definitely bring you closer.

6) Split the bill. Pick a restaurant that you both really want to visit and offer to go dutch. Remember Valentine’s is not about spending a lot of money; it’s about sharing a special experience.

7) Make it a Movie Night. Order some take out and gather your all-time favorite movies to watch all evening with your guy. Be sure to select two or three movies you’ll both enjoy. Dim the lights and snuggle up on the couch with some sweet and salty popcorn!