5 Ways to Find Your Clitoral Money Spot

Did you know that the clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings? That’s twice as many nerve endings as the head of the penis. That’s how intent the clit is on providing mind-altering orgasms. Chicas, it’s all ours! So when an hombre acts all macho throw that in his face!

Another fun fact: over 70 percent of women have admitted to needing clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. That’s most of us! But how do we find what makes our clit tick? It’s not just rubbing and licking. Here are five ways to find your clitoral money spot:

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1. Clitoris: 1

Locate your clitoris.

Due to the many layers of the vulva, the clitoris can be difficult to find. Where is it hiding? Right above your vaginal opening on top of your inner labia. When you touch it, it feels like a little nub, but it is so much more than that. The clitoral glans is actually what we feel, but that’s only the tip of the sexual iceberg! About three-quarters of your clitoris is inside your body, and it connects to 15,000 nerve endings. In other words, orgasm, orgasm, orgasm!

2. Clitoris: 2

Ease into it.

The clitoris is super sensitive when you’re turned on. The best way to ease into the clit is to arouse the region right above your clitoral tip. Warm it up! Massage the sides of the vagina. This causes the inner labia to rub up against the clit. It will be ready for direct contact in no time! 

3. Clitoris: 3

Try out The Womanizer.

Developed by a German inventor and his wife, The Womanizer is a new sex toy product on the market. Over the course of two years, they did some research to fine-tune the product. They discovered that 80% of women who used The Womanizer experienced orgasm in two to three minutes. Guess what else, chicas? Seventy-five percent of women who used The Womanizer also had multiple orgasms. But The Womanizer is not a vibrator!  When placed on the clitoris, the product produces suction and pressure waves. It sucks the clitoris gently and kisses it sweetly when used at lower intensity.  So no need for la lengua!

4. Clitoris: 4

Stimulate the inner labia.

Sometimes the clit needs a break! Direct touch can feel like too much, and some men are just too rough. That’s when you tell your hombre to stimulate your inner labia. Try it alone first before showing him when en la cama. With your fingers or a vibrator, work your labia. If you're using your fingers, extend them so you can reach your clit and vaginal opening. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, teach your man. Show him how to touch your clitoris: nice and steady, not fast and hard as if he’s using an eraser. You don’t want him to rub off your clit! 

5. Clitoris: 5

To the left, to the left.... or to the right?

Your clitoral money spot might be to the left, to the right or underneath your clits’ hood (direct contact). To discover what’ll make you holler for Diosito lindo, you need to practice! The next time you masturbate, focus on one side and see what happens. Keep touching different areas of your clitoris until you hit the jackpot.