4 Signs Your Significant Other May Be Cheating

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to keep his affair (and love child) with household employee Mildred Patricia (aka Patty) Baena a secret for over a decade from wife Maria Shriver. Were there telltale signs that Shriver could have picked up on or was the “Love Gov” just really good at hiding the truth? We asked Susana Gonzalez, a relationship coach and divorce attorney in Florida, to share some red flags that signal your other half may be cheating. Here is what she had to say:

Drastic Shifts in Schedule

There’s a change in what was the normal course of behavior. All of a sudden your partner is staying at work more. It’s easiest for those who already have erratic schedules to pull sudden schedule changes off—physicians, chefs, attorneys and yes, politicians.

Sudden Change in Appearance

They are more invested in the way they look, whether that’s losing weight, going to the gym, buying new clothes. If you’ve been with your partner for years without complaining and all of a sudden they start getting all sexy without a clear explanation for it, be forewarned.

The Sex Isn't the Same...or Isn't At All

If you haven’t been having regular sex for a while, it’s easier to keep an affair hidden. When one half of a couple is having an affair, there is a disconnect in terms of intimacy, and not just sexual. All of a sudden, you may see less conversation and less willingness to participate in the relationship, or you may notice that your partner has incorporated “new moves” all of a sudden when you do make love.

You Have a Feeling In Your Gut

You know your significant other really well. If your instincts are telling you something’s up, something probably is. Eventually, Maria Shriver gathered up the courage to confront Patty Baena face-to-face about her teenage son, but a lot of people confront the person they suspect of having an affair only to face denial, so this isn’t a foolproof way to get to the bottom of the issue. In the end, it’s always best to trust your own instincts.