2009 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

As fun as shopping can be, it gets stressful trying to find the perfect gifts for all of the women in your life. Our list of creative and thoughtful presents is tailored to her personality type and interests. Whether it's your sister the glamour girl, or your best friend the gym rat, we've got something here for every lady on your list. You're welcome!

Reporting by Shani Saxon-Parrish, Mariela Rosario, Miranda Noland and Chris Hermosilla.

1. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Fitness Queen

The Fitness Queen:

Help your favorite workout goddess feel pampered with some new fitness gear and a great bag to tote it all. Rese Activewear's Scooped Neckline Tank ($58) is created for comfort and support, and it's stylish enough to wear outside of the gym. So Low's Tri Color Waistband Pant ($77) will look perfect with the tank and are super fashionable with their low rise. The must-have carry all is Nike's Monika Club Bag ($160), which comes with a pocket for everything and a sleek exterior that says everything but "gross gym bag."

2. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Workaholic

The Workaholic:

If she spends most of her time in an office that's freezing in the winter and just as cold in the summer (thanks to the air conditioning), she'll deeply appreciate these heated USB-powered gloves ($22). Just plug them into your keyboard, and your palms will stay nice and warm. You still have your thumbs and finger open so you can type, write and do your regular office routine—just with a little extra boost of warmth. She'll also love Apple's beautiful Magic Mouse ($69). One single, solid multitouch surface lets you click anywhere comfortably, and you can also use finger gestures to scroll up, down, left and right, as well as flip through Web pages in Safari or photos in iPhoto. Bluetooth connectivity is a cinch to set up, and there’s no extra USB plugs or pieces needed. Then there's the sleek Ellington Madison Pack ($215). This cutie is large enough to hold most 15" laptops, plus important documents. Most importantly, it's stylish and not too bulky, which means no fashion senses need to be compromised while carrying this functional bag.

3. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Fashionista

The Fashionista:

Nintendo had fashionable future entrepreneurs in mind when they created Style Savvy ($29.99), a game for the DSi. You have to create a character and then open up a virtual fashion boutique, where you have to stock your store with different fictional clothing labels, each with their own style (boho chic, uptown, casual), and have more than 10,000 tops, skirts, pants, shoes and more to choose from. Sounds fun, right? Stylish women would also appreciate a copy of the The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart by Nina Garcia ($12), a practical guide to looking your best. A less practical, but supremely fabulous gift would be the 60th Anniversary Book of Dior ($250), featuring 384 beautifully illustrated pages tracing the rich history of this legendary maison de couture.

4. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Traveler

The World Traveler:

When we travel nowadays, we end up with more chargers than handbags! Cell phone, camera, camcorder, iPod, Game Boy … but when traveling outside of the U.S., this Kensington International Traveling Adapter ($20) makes it possible for worldly people to charge everything in their digital lives. Your traveling loved one can then document all of her journeys with the sleek, small, easy-to use Samsung SMX-F34BN camcorder ($280). It's made to be pocketable, plus it’s got a fun shape and several cool colors (including an awesome-looking red).

5. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Wino

The Wino:

If you know a woman who appreciates nothing more than settling in with a tasty glass of wine at the end of a long day, then she will love being a member of the Zagat Wine Club ($69.99). She'll receive 12 bottles of expertly selected wines in a variety of styles, plus she'll have the chance to opt in or out of the club after three months. Of course, no wine collection is complete without a gorgeous decanter and a wine storage system. This Siena decanter by Spiegelau is eye catching and offers perfect aeration. And this Eight-bottle Wine Cellar by Cuisinart will keep the vino at the proper temperature on four contoured, removable chrome racks. Cheers!

6. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Chef

The Aspiring Chef:

We all have a girlfriend who is always showing off the latest culinary skills she's picked up, and these gifts are just for her. First up is the Demy kitchen-safe touchscreen recipe reader (299.95), which comes preloaded with 250 standard recipes but has space to store up to 2500. If she's more of a traditionalist, hook her up with this beautifully photographed cookbook all about our favorite finger food: Tacos ($15)!

7. 2009 Gift Guide Her - New Mami

The New Mami:

Mothers can ensure healthy meals for their little ones with Beaba Babycook, an all-in-one compact kitchen appliance that allows you to make organic baby food quickly and easily ($149.95). She may have just had a baby, but she still wants to be styling! Help her out with this chic patent leather baby bag from LeSportsac ($180). She can then slip the new Samsung DualView camera (($349.99) into the side pocket of the bag. The DualView helps mami hold baby's attention long enough to get the perfect shot. What mother doesn't love to take perfect pictures of her child?

8. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Glamour Girl

The Glamour Girl:

This perfume ring, featuring the ultra-femme and adorably packaged new fragrance Lola by Marc Jacobs ($42), is at the top of our lists for all the glam girls we know who will love the sexy, floral scent. Plus, eyeliner addicts will rejoice over the killer collection of metallic pencils Korres ($25) has put together. Have an amiga who needs a lift? Hook her up with the Healthy Fragrance Mini Roller-Ball Set ($28, sephora.com) and wrap it up in the Kat Von D Makeup Case ($150, sephora.com). Cause everyone needs a little luxury around the holidays!



9. 2009 Gift Guide Her - Movie Buff

The Movie Buff:

Got any cinephiles in the familia? Treat them to a Sony Portable DVD Player ($189.99) and Viva Pedro: The Almodovar Collection, featuring the classics All about My Mother and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown ($175). Throw in some sci-fi with a special blue ray three-disc edition of Star Trek, starring Zoe Saldana, and you'll be sure to have all your bases covered ($19.99).