The 10 Most Shocking Breakups of 2011!

Love hurts—and sometimes, it also gets out its claws and fangs and does some serious damage. Here are the biggest, most shocking breakups in Latino Hollywood this year.

1. breakups kat von d

Kat Von D and Jesse James

This may not have been shocking for anyone with a brain, but the details still managed to disgust in a big way. Getting engaged with a dude who cheated on one of America’s sweethearts (Sandra Bullock) with a bunch of skanks was not the smartest things the Mexico-born Argentinian tattoo artist ever did. But at least Kat, who sent Jesse back to the gutter that he crawled out of in September, knows it. Here’s part of the best ‘eff you’ breakup letter (actually, Facebook post) ever, which Kat wrote in November about her ex, after encountering the 19th girl he cheated on her with: “I know I deserve a big fat "I told you so,” from everyone, and wish I didn't have to say, "You all were more right than you'll ever know” but you were."

2. breakups jlo

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

We should have seen this coming back when JLo attended an event in which she met Prince William and Kate with her mom, not Marc. But by July, it was official. The Nuyorican power couple was calling it quits. The pair has kept the reason pretty close to the vest, though plenty of rumors—about everything from infidelity to professional jealousy to drug use—flew. Things seemed pretty amicable until recently, when word that JLo was to sell all the jewelry that he gave her leaked and talk of a nasty custody battle surfaced, and rumors swirled once again. It ain’t ovah till it’s ovah.

3. breakups zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton

You hate to see this happen to a longtime couple: One of them gets more famous, and the relationship takes a nosedive. Not long after Zoe’s Avatar success, she and her boyfriend of 11 years got engaged. Then in November, Zoe announced that she’d called it quits. Was her sudden fame to blame or did she step out on actor/entrepreneur Keith Britton with Bradley Cooper, as reported in People and other mags? Either way, there will be no wedding bells for the part-Dominican, part-Puerto Rican actress and Britton, though they remain business partners in, their fashion website.

4. breakups vanessa kobe

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant

Another baller, another, well, baller. Vanessa stuck by Kobe when he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel worker in 2003 (he claimed it was consensual and the case was dropped after the woman refused to testify), but the Mexican American mother of two has apparently finally had enough of his cheating, filing for divorce after 10 years of marriage. Best part: the couple, worth an estimated $150 million, has no prenup. That means Vanessa gets half, baby. Second best part: She still has the $4 million diamond ‘apology’ ring that the L.A. Laker gave her after the rape case wrapped.

5. breakups eva

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Eva dumped the big baby in 2010, after discovering hundreds of sexts between Parker and one of her best friends, but her divorce from the San Antonio Spur became final in January 2011. We don’t know how Eva marked the occasion, but we’re guessing that Eduardo Cruz’s hot little self had something to do with it.

6. breakups Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky 

Sure, they were a match made in reality TV, The Bachelorette couple. They seemed so well matched – the All-American girl next door and the romantic Latin lover. But away from the cameras, the couple fought way too much, and postponed the wedding twice during their 18-month engagement, Ali told People in a November cover story, after the breakup was announced.

7. breakups jackie guerrido

Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido

Nasty. How else to describe the pretty much explosive relationship between these two? They got engaged in 2007, married in 2008, after which they apparently quickly bid marital bliss goodbye and started clashing in a big and public way. They got into shouting matches at Univision studios with each other and Don Omar with Jackie’s co-workers, which helped get Don Omar banned from the network and its events, and they threw barbs and threats at each other via Twitter. Their divorce was announced early this year. "I was born alone and it’s clear that when I leave this world it’ll be the same way,” tweeted Don Omar at one point. “That’s why I’m not afraid of being alone." Maybe it’s better that way, babies.

8. breakups shakira

Shakira and Antonio de la Rua 

Forget the seven-year itch—the decade mark seems to have been the tipping point for a few of the Latin stars who broke up this year, including Shaki and Antonio. After 11 years together, they broke up. Could Shakira’s expressed desire to have babies have had something to do with it? Perhaps, but the fastidiously private singer and the son of a former Argentinian president have kept things under wraps as they continue to work together. The Colombian singer, meanwhile, moved on to Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique, a definite upgrade in the hotness department.

9. breakups Elizabeth Gutierrez

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez

The hot telenovela star’s separation from his partner of 8 years was linked to another split: that of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Levy, who was in J.Lo’s “I’m into You” music video, was linked to the singer, though both denied an affair. In May, Mexican American actress Elizabeth Gutierrez issued a statement that pretty much made clear that there a possible J.Lo affair would have been only a drop in the sex bucket of banana hammock-wearing Levy. "I've always stood beside William, despite persistent rumors, which I then dismissed because I had no reason to doubt the strength of our union I've made the decision to end this relationship for the sake of my children and myself. I'll admit the decision has not been easy one, but must respect myself as a person, woman and mother."

10. breakups Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes

Laker baller Barnes may have agreed to fake that he and his Basketball Wives wife Gloria Govan were still together for the newest season of the VH1 show, and he made no bones about admitting it in a subsequent press release, in which he also accused her of repeatedly sleeping with a “former friend” while fraudulently accusing him of doing the same with Eva Longoria, with whom he has done a lot of charity work. Oh, the tangled web we weave…