10 Latinas On What They Love About the Holidays

We know – there’s plenty to love about the holidays! 

Whether your favorite part is getting to spend ample quality time with loved ones – or savoring more of your mami’s homemade Latin dishes, the top reasons always vary. Which is we brought our question to Latina’s Facebook readers – What do you love the most about the holidays?

While we received over 40 responses, we had to narrow the number to 10 here. Check them out below – and happy holidays!

Rosa Garcia: “How families can become so blended to the point of having different cultures come together in one night, which lets new members have the opportunity to embrace new traditions to pass on to upcoming generations. That's what makes the holidays so beautiful!”

Gabby Rangel: “Being a die hard golfer, and playing in the winter :)” 

Cyndi Bird Garcia: “I love that my son Tyler comes home for the holidays and we all get together at my other son Derek's house. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together and watch White Christmas. We all have the best time.”

Jasmine Marquez Rivera: “Coquito!!!”

Rose Garcia Rodriguez: “Remembering how my dad worked long hard hours just to put gifts under the tree for his four daughters and wife. My dad is slowly declining and I am saddened by this… but I have the memories of eating mom's homemade empanadas and cookies, and opening inexpensive presents. We continue these traditions in our home now for our children and grandchildren!”

Leana Amaez: “Tacky Christmas lights. The brighter and more colorful the better!”

Norma Samano Salcedo: “I love that this is the time of the year when I become more mindful of the less fortunate around us. Even though it should continuously be this way throughout the year, it is easy to get wrapped up or consumed by our own woes, which in many cases are petty compared to those less privileged. I like to reflect on what I have and how I can share a little of my blessings with someone in need.”

Christa Cecilia Parra:Tamales. Black Friday. Telling my kids they are on the naughty list and then seeing their faces when they look under the tree on Christmas day. Family. Watching my boys decorate the boys’ only tree. Being in my pajamas all day on Christmas. Playing with the kids’ new toys. Stocking stuffers!!”

Cartagena Pabon: “My family gathering; there is like 50 plus always jammed in Abuela’s house... and even though we’re not in Puerto Rico, they keep the feeling alive with the decorations, cooking and parrandas!!!”

Eliza Walt: “Everything! What's not to love?”