10 Latinas On What They Hate Most About the Holidays

We all have a bone to pick about the holiday season.

Whether it’s the overwhelming pressure to buy everyone in your family a gift – or the claustrophobic feeling that results from visits to the mall – it can be difficult sometimes to find a reason to smile around this time. By no means do we want to be pessimistic about the holidays – it is definitely a joyous time. We were just curious, so we brought this question to Latina’s readers on our Facebook page:

What do you hate the most about the holidays?

As comments rolled in, we were surprised to find that more readers had negative things to say about the holidays than positive. Yesterday, we ran our story about what Latina’s readers love most about the holidays.

10 Latinas On What They Love About the Holidays

While we received more than 60 responses, we could only pick 10. Check out what a few Latinas had to say about the not-so-cheery aspects of this holiday season:

Deva Martinez-Eason: “Having to be around certain people who I'd rather not see! If I don't go around them the other 364 days a year, why ruin this special one?! Forced togetherness sucks!”

Avilia Guardiola: “Dating someone new and being dragged to spend one of the two major holidays with his family. Its not that's its horrible, it just does not allow me to do what I look forward to every year.”

Ana Maria Escobar: “Consumerism. What people want and need is simply quality time with you. Take someone to lunch or to see a play!! Create a memory instead of some useless gift from a mall. That's what I've tried to do the last couple of years and I love it!”

Marta Sanchez: “People get so obsessed with the lights and glitter and get angry when they don't get the right color bulb... get over it, that's not what Christmas is about. If you didn't have lights at all what would you do?”

Dianabel Castro: “Even though we all say that its all about family and its the thought that counts, there is a lot of pressure to give loved ones just the right gift.”

Jacqueline Bonillas: “What I hate most is not being able to "truly" enjoy the holidays! They creep up on me and I'm so busy shopping, cooking, writing holiday cards, wrapping, stuck in traffic that I don't appreciate it.....”

Wendy Carmona: “I hate the fact that people forget what Christmas is really about. They have lost the true meaning of it and now it’s all about a fictional guy in a red suit flying around the world dropping off presents. What I hate about the New Year portion is the feeling that life is speeding and I need to catch up.”

Jennifer Lorenzana: “All the endless sweets and yummy foods that pop-up more frequently at work and at home. It's so hard to resist! Then as soon as Christmas is over, here comes New Year’s and it's almost always the same resolution: to lose weight (again!)”

Diana Quezada-Henriquez: “No days off at work... and the rude people who do last minute shopping... that's why this year I did some shopping online.”

Lisa Andrews: “I hate people that go around advertising how much they dislike the holidays. If you're a Grinch, keep it to yourself and let the rest of us that love this time of year enjoy it!”