Wedding Planning 101 Part 3

Monica de la Torre, was born in New York to Ecuadorian parents and graduated from NYU. She followed her lifelong passion for flowers and design straight into the event planning industry. As a designer for NYC based studio Elegant Affairs, she has planned dozens of weddings, corporate and social events throughout the area.

Below, Monica hooks us up with all the inside info we need to know about the latest trends in wedding planning for 2008!

1. Monica says that one trend that exploded last year and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is the Green theme wedding. Especially appropriate for the socially conscience bride Green theme weddings were a hit in 2007, but De la Torre expects an even bigger explosion this year. Some ideas Monica suggests if you want to get married in an eco-friendly way are:

• Buying only organically grown flowers.
• Printing your invitations on recycled paper.
• Gifting flower bulbs as party favors.
• Serving organic foods at the reception.
• Using textured, unprocessed linens for your table settings.
• Wearing organic makeup.

In addition, De la Torre says you can enhance your green theme by incorporating wheat grass, moss and natural elements into your décor. One great and easy suggestion is to use potted plants in lieu of cut flowers as centerpieces.

2. Monica says that letterpress invitations are going to be a big hit this year. Couples can now make their invitations more personal and De la Torre says this is very important as it’s the first impression for guests as far as what they can expect from your celebration. Monograms on invitations are always a good way to personalize and make an invitation your own.

3. De la Torre says that lately she has seen a lot of brides changing their looks between the ceremony and the reception. The tradition of having two dresses was once thought to be only for celebrities and the super rich but is now becoming common place. Monica encourages this and says buying two dresses and going for a quick change of hairstyle between the ceremony and reception will keep things interesting for your guests. Another way to shake things up that De la Torre has seen is changing the décor theme from the ceremony to the reception. One great way to do this is by keeping a traditional all white ceremony, and then incorporating more color and your own personal style into the reception.

4. Monica says that although chocolate brown was the “it” color last year, silver seems taking the crown this wedding season. This is a great neutral color that can be combined with white for a more traditional feeling or with bold, bright colors to add some flare. De la Torre also notes that yellow reigned supreme on the Spring 2008 fashion runways and is a very refreshing and fun color which she expects to see more of as the wedding season progresses. She also mentions that jewel tones are making a big come back in 2008 and suggests that these rich color combinations can help you stand out, but can also be toned down either by combining them with ivory or by sticking with one color and using different shades and tones to add depth.

5. As far as table settings, De la Torre says the popularity of square tables over the traditional round ones has sky rocketed. She encourages this move because it helps to creates diversity and break up the monotony of traditional wedding receptions.

If you’d like to contact Monica or learn more about her business, Elegant Affairs email her at or call her, 212-242-4585.