OCTOBER: Vote For Latina's Cute Couple Of The Month!

Vote for the twosome you think should grace the pages of an upcoming issue of the magazine now, then nominate your favorite adorable couple for next month. Just send an email to couples@latina.com with their full names, ages, city of residence, backgrounds, a great snapshot and 50 words on why there are just so darn cute. And, yes, you can nominate yourself! Check out the couples below!

Couple #1
Nicole Mendez (22) and Andy Velazquez Jr. (21)
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

“We met our freshman year, but one day he informed me that he would be pursuing a career with the Coast Guard. It’s been a year since he joined, and each day that we are apart tests our love. But anything in life that is hard is worth it, and when things come too easy you appreciate them less.” —Nicole

Couple #2
Amanda Crespo (23) and Harry Perez (26)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

“Our love exemplifies what we wish for every couple. Over the past six years Harry and I have managed to maintain a passionate relationship by embracing one another's differences and illuminating the positive qualities. Our mutual love for culture, family, and friends has helped sustain our healthy relationship and our own personal identities.” —Amanda

Couple #3
Desiree Welborn (20) and Edgar Navarro (20)
Hometown: Bandera, TX

“We really bring out the best in each other. He used to be shy, and I’ve helped him open up more, while he’s helped me learn Spanish. As a young Latino couple, our Catholic beliefs have really helped keep us strong and secure. We make each other, and the people around us, happy.”—Desiree