NOVEMBER: Vote for Latina's Cute Couple Of The Month!

Vote for the twosome you think should grace the pages of an upcoming issue of the magazine now, then nominate your favorite adorable couple for next month. Just send an email to with their full names, ages, city of residence, backgrounds, a great snapshot and 50 words on why there are just so darn cute. And, yes, you can nominate yourself! Check out the couples below & click here to vote!

1. Claudia Hernandez-Ponce, 25 & Bobby LeFebre, 26 of Denver, Colorado

“Love can withstand anything, but relationships are fragile. Together, the we radiate. It’s about creation of something greater for both of us. It’s spiritual in every sense of the word.” —Claudia

2. Silvia Mitre, 26 & Rodney Jr. Perez, 27, of San Jose, CA

“Silvia and Rodney were best friends growing up. After losing touch in high school, they ran into each other 8 years later, and have been by each other sides ever since. They are so good for each other.” —Silvia’s sister, Deborah Rojas

3. Amanda Montes, 23 & Isaac Montes, 24 of Cedar Hill, Texas

“Amanda and Isaac are a happily married couple with a beautiful 7-month old son. They have such a sweet and loving relationship and have built a awesome family that anyone would envy. They most definitely deserve to be called the cutest couple in the world.” —Amanda’s sister, Emily Sanchez