MARCH: Vote For Latina's Cute Couple of the Month!

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Amanda, 29, and Dan, 38, Austin, Texas, dating 4 1/2 years

"We have a really strong relationship because two of those years it was long distance. Dan moved to Atlanta for a year to further his career and when it came time for him to come back to Texas, our relationship was as strong as ever."

Jessica and Pablo, both 28, Florence, KY, married 7 years

"We both know what trust and sacrifice means when it comes to love. We have been separated for months at a time, but through it all the time spent together is far greater than the separation."

Cindy, 27, and Mike, 28, both from Queens, dating 1 year+

"In over one year we've had the greatest times together, going out, traveling and most importantly just being ourselves. The best part is I've found my Prince Charming!"