The Love Dr. Charley Ferrer is Ready to Answer Your Questions

Doctor Charley Ferrer didn't set out to become the only Latina sex and relationship doctor in the United States. In fact, her love of psychology came about almost by accident. Ferrer went back to school to finish her degree in order to demand more money at her job and had to take some extra credits, so she signed up for a Psychology class. One thing led to another and now Dr. Charley is a doctor of human sexuality, holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology and certification as a clinical sexologist under her belt. Add to that her incredibly popular public access television show Pleasure on Fruta Extraña and video blog with El Diario/La Prensa and it's easy to understand why this no-nonsense love doctor is in such high demand.

We sat down with Dr. Charley to learn a little bit more about her sexual philosophy and one of her golden rules. So read on and get to know Dr. Charley, we want you to feel comfortable asking her any questions you might have about love, sex and relationships. She'll be answering one question per week every Wednesday in her new column, "Sex Talk with Dr. Charley."

One of Dr. Charley’s favorite teaching exercises is to ask people how to spell “sex.” Most people just spell it s-e-x, but Ferrer explains that it is so much more than that. “You spell it t-a-b-o-o, you spell it l-o-v-e. It’s spelled commitment, it’s spelled fear, it’s spelled shame. Sex is everything you’ve learned!”

“I tell the people who come to my classes, ‘You’re going to learn about sex and you’re not going to learn the biological stuff,’ ” explains Dr. Charley. “Everybody knows what we have in our bodies. Here we learn about human sexuality, what people feel like, what you experience.”

So what are some of Dr. Charley’s relationship rules to live by? “Here’s a good one; If you’re fighting more than you’re having sex, then you need to walk out that door!” exclaims the good doctor. You’re going to have to tune in to her column starting this Wednesday to find out more!

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