The Hookup: Out with the Old?

I can’t stop grinning. My head is in the clouds. I keep playing Boyz II Men tunes on my iPod. The truth is, I have a ridiculous crush!

I didn’t see this coming. I never thought I would ever kiss Sam. The first time he asked me out I declined his offer. But he was persistent and asked me out again to the Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige concert. How could I say no to that?

After the phenomenal concert we went out for drinks. Perdona me for sounding so cliché but I feel like I’ve known him for years. Perhaps it’s because we both grew up with god-fearing parents, admire our older sisters and have an obsession with old school rap. I usually go for tall, dorky white guys but Sam is a stocky Italian dude with gorgeous light eyes. He's also ridiculously hilarious. Sam could easily make a cameo as one of the funny guys in a Judd Apatow film like Superbad or Knocked Up.

Whatever the case may be, we ended up making out profusely in the bar. He has a tongue ring which made the besos quite interesting! After 15 minutes of kissing, we left the bar and took our canoodling to the great outdoors. As we walked around the streets of New York City, laughing and making out, we stumbled upon Bryant Park. The “No Trespassers” sign clearly indicated that the park was closed but Sam and I decided to sneak in anyway. We found ourselves in the empty, quiet park and kissed by the water fountain until a cop kicked us out. We’ve been talking everyday since and already have plans to hang out next week.

Here’s my dilemma, I’m really stoked about Sam but I’m going out of town to visit friends this weekend and an adorable old flame will be there. The old flame definitely wants to get down and suggested I crash at his place on Saturday night. He’s so cute. Tall and athletic with an infectious smile, he’s like the Ashton Kutcher to Sam’s Seth Rogen!

I’m not in a committed relationship with anyone so is it OK if I fool around with my old flame? He’s very hard to resist! Or am I going to mess things up with Sam if I give in to my temptation? What do you think? I need your advice! Please, help an hermana out! Be sure to check in with me on Monday and I'll let you know all about what happened over the weekend.

Un abrazo Fuerte,