Grand Prize winners Mark and Brenda from Herrick, IL

Well, let me see...How can I love a woman who snores like a freight train and keeps the bed shaking like railroad tracks with her restless leg syndrome? I suppose I can find comfort in the fact that I'm not
going to get run over!

"Why do you love me?" Brenda says in desperate correction, "Why?" Well that's obvious honey, I'm still here! Reluctant to see the humor in this, with a somber look and piercing sincerity, she asks again, "Please just write why you love me so you can win this ring, for me." Well there it is, years of marriage will teach any man he cannot escape the sematics of, "for me!" Unrelenting, and unselfishly she has given herself completely to the kids. Brenda is my world. She came into my life like a whirlwind engulfing my very existence. She is very warm hearted and loving, and she can be a little quirky with her unique sense of humor. She love to laugh and I love to hear that laugh. She enjoys life and makes friends for life. She is amazing with the family and our friends. She is fun loving, sassy and humorous. But she can be stubborn and stern when she needs to be. She is always sexy and loves to be romantic. She is always decisive and in her own keen way allows you to feel as if it were your choice or idea. She is a tremendous giver, she finds true happiness in being a mother, a wife and my best friend. Brenda is my diamond and I will love her forever.