First Gay Marriage in Latin America Takes Place in Argentina

For the first time, a gay couple has married in Latin America. After pursuing a legal battle earlier this year, a court in Buenos Aires, ruled in favor of Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello, deeming a ban on same-sex marriage illegal and ordering proper authorities to grant the couple a marriage license. But on the night before what was supposed to be their Dec. 1st wedding day, another court filed an injunction, halting the marriage process for the couple.

Freyre and Bello wed on Monday on the southern-most tip of Argentina in the state of Tierra del Fuego. "As a couple, we dreamed of marrying for a long time," Freyre told the state-run Telam news agency. 

Although the marriage may still face legal battles, gay rights advocates are hailing the wedding as an important step towards equal rights. In Argentina, similar to the United States, the issue of marriage rights are decided on local and state levels.