Elvira & Sofia of Hollister, CA

At thirty-three years old, I'm proud to say that I have surrounded myself with inspirational women. Including my sister Sofia, breast cancer survivor at age twenty-eight, my sister Sylvia at-risk student as an adolescent and now a successful community college counselor and my friend Rocio, attorney for La Raza Center. Indeed, I have been inspired by all these women because of their strength, courage and dedication. Yet, there is one woman in my life who has inspired me even more deeply, my mother Sofia. My mother is a remarkable woman, after all she gave birth to twelve children. My mother has shaped my identity and has taught me how to embrace my culture, be proud of who I am, and be independent. I admire my mother’s love for her children and how much she has sacrificed for our well being. My mother had to leave behind seven of her children in Mexico to search for a better future in the U.S. At seven months pregnant, my mother crossed the Arizona desert on foot with other immigrants. This journey was a painful journey for my mother, and to think that mothers continue to this kind of act of love, just breaks my heart. For all these reasons, I love my mother and I would like to surprise her with a ring, particularly since her wedding band has been stolen. I would like to give her the ring on Mother’s Day on behalf of my family who love her deeply.