DEC/JAN: Vote for Latina's Cute Couple Of The Month!

Vote for the twosome you think should grace the pages of an upcoming issue of the magazine now, then nominate your favorite adorable couple for next month. Just send an email to with their
full names, ages, city of residence, backgrounds, a great snapshot and 50 words on why there are just so darn cute. And, yes, you can nominate yourself! Check out the couples below & click here to vote!

1. Liza Santana (34) & Gabriel Pineres (31) of Miami, Florida
I have always believed in love but now I believe in it as something concrete, something I can touch and experience unlike the love in a “novella” which is so unrealistic. I look at him and I see love. He makes me want to tell the truth, not be afraid, laugh at myself and cherish every day. —Liza

2. Juheli Dominguez (24) & David Dominguez (25) of El Paso, Texas

A year ago to date the judge that married us said that the roads ahead of us will be rough and long. And she was right it hasn't been easy for either of us—he's currently deployed to Iraq. It's hard when your first year of marriage is spent away from your husband, but we have made it through and our love will withstand all. —Juheli

3. Gabrielle Rivera (18) & Esteve Alvarez (19) of Indianapolis,
Esteve lived in Kissimmee, Florida, I lived in Indianapolis. We met on Myspace and fell in love immediately. I got a after school job to save money for Esteve to come to Indy, and Esteve worked hard pumping out airbrush clothing to save money. Then he moved to Indianapolis to be with me. Now, with
more than a year of being really together, together., we see how the distance strengthened us. —Gabrielle