Brazil to Hand Out 65 Million Condoms During Carnaval

Rio Carnaval kicks off this Friday and the Brazilian government is boosting its efforts to keep party-goers safe—by handing out 65 million free condoms. This will be a 20 million increase over what it usually distributes every other month. The prophylactics are given to state agencies, which will then give them out at parties and events nationwide.

Brazil is the world’s leading government buyer of condoms, spending close to $36 million to purchase 1.2 billion condoms this year as part of its anti-HIV and AIDS campaigns. Approximately 560 million free condoms will be available throughout the year, which translates to about three for each of Brazil’s 191 million people. Though the United Nations has praised its efforts, Roman Catholic Church officials oppose the program preferring sexual abstinence as the contraceptive of choice.