Adam & Sarah of Deerfield, IL

On August 3rd, 1985, my life changed forever. I was introduced to a special and beautiful person: my daughter. As the years flew by, she grew up before my eyes. Twenty-two years later, my daughter has turned into everything I could have ever hoped she would. She has worked hard her whole life, dedicating herself to achieving her dreams, while never forgetting how she was brought up. I raised her without a mother and have always been conscious of the effects that could have had on her and her relationships. But today, Sarah finds herself with a college degree, successful job, and loving boyfriend. The other day, he brought me Latina and showed me this contest. He told me that he wanted my permission to ask for her hand in marriage and that he thought this contest was the ultimate romantic opportunity, and a way for me to fulfill a promise I had made to my daughter years ago. When I was younger, I was trained as a jeweler, making my first wife’s engagement ring; Sarah always wanted me to make her engagement ring as well. While I do not have the equipment or tools necessary to be able to do this, I thought that it would be appropriate to try and win an engagement ring for her. I do not have to express in words the way a father loves a child. I would do anything for her, because she is, and will always be, a part of me.