9 Signs Your Man Might Be Cheating

1. Sudden business travel: He´s never traveled for work before, but now his job involves mandatory weekend getaways.

2. Low sex drive: He used to be ready for action 24-7, but now he´s always "too tired." Or else he´s suddenly begging you to try...

3. Adventurous sexual positions: Overnight, he´s gained some new bedroom skills that he wants you to learn.

4. He´s adventurous elsewhere, too: His new woman is teaching him new things outside of the bedroom as well, so suddenly he loves Ethiopian food and doesn´t really mind watching America´s Next Top Model.

5. He´s become Mr. Cologne: He´s never cared how he smelled before, but now he can´t leave the house without dousing himself.

6. He´s glued to the mirror: Suddenly your guy spends all his time obsessing about his hair or checking out his new muscles.

7. Secretive phone calls: His cell phone rings, but he doesn´t answer it in your presence. Every time he gets a call, he checks the number and says something like, "I´ll call him later."

8. Mystery receipts: You find credit-card receipts for jewelry stores or women´s boutiques, but you haven´t gotten a single present.

9. Missing funds: He just got paid on Friday, but by Sunday he´s completely crying broke.