Instagram Cutie Alert: Lucas Leon!

Omgee. Nicole Gonzalez is a mommy blogger -- and a pretty new one at that. Starting her blog "Lillies and Leon" almost a year ago, the New York mami chronicles her life with her husband and her little boy: Lucas Léon. But the blog isn't her only outlet -- her Instagram has us falling in love! The niño is so cute, we can't get enough (and neither can her almost 10K followers). Take a look at these adorable posts and see more at!

1. Catching some air!

Catching some air! #latinmencanjump

2. Sharing is caring

"Sharing is caring // @slyfoxthreads"

3. Fixing Bikes

A boy of many talents. Bet ya didn't know he fixes bikes. He accepts lollipops and kisses as payment.#ladidakids #bangbangcopenhagen

4. NYC Attitude

Only two years young and he already has a NYC attitude.

5. On a stoop

And then we sat on a stoop, ate our ice cream, and people watched. 

6. Washington Square Park

Washington Square park with the kid in @hugolovestikiand his new #glaciermoccs. And just FYI, he always makes for the best date (he likes to hold my hand).

7. Saturday naps

Saturday naps. I wish I could sleep in a diaper and fuzzy slippers #thelife

8. Fro yo on the chin

Fro yo on the chin. #nomnomnom

9. Dr. Lucas 'McDreamy' Leon

Dr. Lucas "McDreamy" Léon.

10. City kids

City kids.