7 Latino Superstitions

With this Friday being the 13th, we thought we'd list a few Latino superstitions we heard from our parents, abuelos and neighbors, growing up. From leaving an upside down broom behind your door to avoiding presents, here are 7 beliefs surrounding this day:

1. Latino Superstitions: Black Cat

Black Cats

Avoid black cats, or maybe all animals for that matter! Besides the belief that crossing paths with a black cat brings bad luck, Latino superstition states that sleeping with a cat (or dog) can cause a woman to become infertile.

2. Latino Superstitions: Azabache Bracelet


Have a newborn? Make sure he or she starts wearing an azabache bracelet or necklace! In some Latin American countries, it's believed that an azabache helps protect newborns from the "evil eye."

3. Latino Superstitions: Upside Down Broom

Upside Down Broom

It is believed that leaving an upside down broom behind your door will get rid of unwanted visitors.

4. Latino Superstitions: Glass of Water

Glass of Water

Want to ward off bad spirits and negative energy in your house? Latino superstition states that keeping a full glass of water on top of the fridge or behind your door will keep these harmful energies away.

5. Latino Superstitions: Purse


Avoid putting your purse on the floor! According to superstition, putting your purse on the floor will cause you to lose a great deal of money, especially if you do it on the 13th.

6. Latino Superstitions: Present


According to Latino beliefs, you should never accept a present on the 13th. Why? Because there's a laundry list of items you could receive that will bring you bad luck, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

7. Latino Superstitions: Wedding Dress


The 13th is supposed to be such bad luck that Spaniards believe you should never get married on this day!