First Day Of Summer: 8 Ways To Savor The Season

Happy First Day of Summer!

Whether you're from California, Texas, New York -- or anywhere in between -- we can all agree that summer is a magical time best spent at the pool with good friends, delicious comida, and ice-cold drinks.

Here are the 8 ways we plan on savoring the season (in true Latino style!) 

1. Margaritas & Mojitos

Pick your poison: Margaritas, piña coladas, mojitos, cheladas, morir soñando, and caipirinhas all have their roots in Latin America -- and they're all perfect for drinking on patios or poolside on a sunny summer day. 

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2. Aguas Frescas

As children, we couldn't drink enough aguas frescas during the summer. As adults, well... not much has changed. Honestly, we still can't get enough of the refreshing, fruity drink. When the thermometer hits 90 degrees, the only thing we want to be sippin' on is agua fresca de sandia. 

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3. Chuzos

You know that there's more to grilling than just hamburgers and hot dogs. Depending on your background, your family will definitely throw some chuzoseloteplatanos or nopales on the grill, as well. 

4. Paleta Cart

While our non-Latino friends chase down the ice cream truck, we'll be over here with the paletero man. Forget boring flavors like vanilla and chocolate – we'll be treaing ourselves to paletas de piña, coco, zarzamora or sandia with real bits of fruit frozen into the pop. 

5. Raspas

Is there anything better on a scorching, humid day than a raspa? The flavors were always far superior to its lamer cousin, the snow cone. While your friends munched on flavors like blue raspberry (what the eff is a blue raspberry, anyway?!), you indulged in delicious guava, orange, pistachio, tamarind, and fresa raspas. 

6. Corn With Chili Powder

Whether you like it on the cob or in the cup, summer just ain’t summer without some elote at the flea market, family BBQ, or church bazaar . You can always count on your favorite elotero man to mix up the perfect combination of corn, mayonnaise, chili powder and queso cotija

7. Fruta Con Chile

This is the ultimate summer snack. Mango, papaya, watermelon, jicama, cucumber and pineapple all taste better with a squirt of lime and a hefty coating of chili powder. Pop it in a cup, grab a fork, and you've got the perfect to-go meal for a trip to the park or pool. 

8. Street Bazaar

Street festivals are the number one thing about summer because they basically combine everything we've already discussed: good food, good music, good drinks, and good people! Where else can you listen to tejano music, sip a cerveza, nom on some elote and finish it all off with a refreshing paleta? Bazaar's are all about comidafamilia and sunshine -- and who can argue with that?