Latino Models in High Demand in Minnesota

New York, Los Angeles and Miami are the model meccas of the world, but with so many aspiring models, the competition is fierce. So what's a Latina to do? Move to Minnesota! At least that's what Minnesota casting agencies suggest.

According to MPRNews, Latino models are in high demand in Minnesota. Paola Cardenas, a Colombian modelo who lives in Minnesota, says she's only one of four professional Latina models in the state.

"I know sometimes they just call me -- only because they need the Latin," she said. "There is a Latin growing population and of course they have buying power."

Thanks to the growing Latino population in the United States, advertisers are starting to recognize that people in Latino communities want to see people who look like them in commercials. Alisha Thompson, a producer for imaging agency Quad Photo, said advertisers will often request a Latino actor or model for their campaigns about three-fourths of the time. "I prefer to book local models -- to have models that can come in from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa even," Alisha said. "So if we can't find the Hispanic look that we want in Minnesota we have to go elsewhere."

Booking locally is much cheaper for Quad Photo than having to call on agencies in New York or Chicago. Minnesota residents miss out on a high paying job and local casting agencies miss out on the 20 percent cut when this happens, making the desire to call on Minnesota models much higher.

As Minnesota's Latino population continues to grow and advertising image needs with people of color in them increase, the need for Latino models is at an all time high. So if you're looking to land a modeling gig, Minnesota may just be your next stop!