Sex or Pernil: Latinas and Women's Equality Day

Living that life you see on Sex and the City and 2 Broke Girls where young women live a big city, work in whatever field they choose (regardless of whether or not it’s thought as “manly”), date whomever you are interested in and let the relationship go as fast or slow as you like. Many of us, myself included, are working towards that divergent, independence-hungry lifestyle that is so often praised in modern American culture and putting our pernil-making skills on the backburner.

But does ignoring some fundamental expectations of Latino culture mean you are selling out? Does cherry picking from American culture mean we as Latinas are sacrificing one part of ourselves for another?

Am I less of a Latina because I have chosen to lead a life thousands of miles away from my parents? Am I less of a Latina because I can’t make a caldero of arroz blanco to save my life? Will my future 9-to-5-plus-overtime, premarital sex-filled, non-church-going life be a watered-down asopao that tastes more like Campbell’s Chicken Soup, proof of the sacrifice of my heritage for the sake of my own advancement and individuality? Is that what my celebration of USA’s Women’s Equality Day means?