Inspiring Young Latina of the Week: Patricia Ramirez

Last week, we kicked off "Inspiring Young Latina of the Week," a unique weekly column where we will be profiling young Latinas who are making a difference in America. We asked Latina’s readers on Facebook to send in their stories of trailblazing mujeres to us, and while we received a handful, one heartfelt story emerged that left us incredibly touched.

We’re excited to introduce to you a Californian young woman named Patricia Ramirez [nicknamed Patty], who is a cancer survivor. Patricia’s sister e-mailed us her story, and we had to share. After she was diagnosed with leukemia last year, Patricia has weathered many storms, and continues to push on.

Here’s Why Patricia inspires us: Patricia’s leukemia diagnosis fell on an interesting date – March 31, 2011. According to her sister Sovia Mendoza, Patricia connected it to the late Mexican American civil rights activist/labor leader César Chávez, who was born on March 31, 1927.

“‘Si se puede’ [Yes, it can be done] she [Patricia] said to fighting this disease, ‘si se puede’ to enduring months of horrible chemotherapy,” Mendoza wrote in her e-mail to Latina. “‘Si se puede’ to numerous bone marrow biopsy procedures and most importantly ‘si se puede’ to overcoming this and having her life back!!” Mendoza said her sister’s courage and strength is “absolutely indescribable” – supernatural even. We couldn’t agree more.

Patricia keeps a blog titled At Patty’s Pace, in which she pens in detail her feelings about her diagnosis and the chemo cycles she’s endured for months. Patricia has also written about her father, who passed away last year. One thing that has stuck out to us through Patricia’s blog posts is the young woman’s faith and optimism about life. Just this past weekend, Patricia wrote about starting to get back into her hobbies, such as running. “I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season and have started this New Year off healthy and happy! I know I have,” Patricia wrote to her blog followers, which total up to more than 60. “Just living life more fully for today, because we never know about tomorrow!”

Like her sister Sovia, we were moved by Patricia’s positivity, which we find truly inspiring, as well as contagious. Thank you for your strength, Patricia, and we wish you a continued path towards full recovery.

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