8 Latin-Flavored Craft Beers To Start Your Summer Right

If you love beer (and even if you don't), there is one undeniable fact: beer drinking is on the rise.

Craft beer isn't exactly new but the trend is only getting hotter. Celebrity chef Rick Bayless, who we all know for his gourmet Mexican cooking, recently announced that he will be teaming up with the distributors of Corona and Negra Modelo to create his very own craft beer.

He's not the only one working on a Latin-flavor inspired craft beer, though. Latinos are conquering the craft beer world with some true sabor. Ready for your own cold brewski? Try one of these 8 Latin-flavored craft beers--and get ready to start your summer right!

1. Brew Revolution: Mercurio IPA

Brew Revolution's Mercurio IPA

Brew Revolution, who pride themselves on their cervezas artesanas, created this beer with inspiration straight form El Salvador. They call it the "El Salvador IPA", combining the traditional Indian Pale Ale style with El Salvador's beloved panela and citrus flavors. The perfect combination of citrus (including ruby red grapefruit, lemon and orange) and the "caramelly sweet malt and panela body" make this a great beer for those hot summer nights. 

2. 4th Age Brewing: Flan Sweet Stout

4th Age Brewing's Flan Sweet Stout

4th Age Brewing, started by best friends Daniel Morales and Christopher Campos in Miami, is setting the Miami craft beer scene on fire with their inventive flavors. Falling in love with the craft brewing process after their first try, the two are now working to open the brewery full-time. Meanwhile, we're enjoying the sweet sabor of their mami-inspired Flan Beer. 

3. 5 Rabbit: Vida y Muerte

5 Rabbit's Vida y Muerte

Is there a flavor we could possibly love more than a dulce de leche beer? That's what 5 Rabbit in Chicago, the first official Latin craft brewery, is doing with their Vida y Muerte variety. Starting with a rich beer style, the cerveceria adds in some nontraditional flavors, including the dulce de leche that brings a "delicate carameliness" to the beer. 

4. Cigar City: Cubano-style Espresso Brown Ale

Cigar City's Cubano-style Espresso Brown Ale

Want a little cafecito with your brewski? Now you can get two-in-one thanks to Tampa's Cigar City Brewing. They're serving up a Cubano-style Espresso Brown Ale that's made with the wonderful flavors of Cuban-style roasted espresso beans. They don't stop there, though, and also offer a Jose Marti American Porter, Guava Grove Farmhouse Ale and more. 

5. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery: Devout Stout

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery's Devout Stout

The Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery calls their Devout Stout a "religious experience" and we can see why. Made with roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavors, the beer is a dark and rich experience that will surprise you. Best of all, though, it has a sister beer: Thy Twisted Sister, which they make by also adding in some chipotle and cacao nibs. Who doesn't want a sip of that?!

6. St. Johns Brewers: Mango Beer

St. Johns Brewers' Tropical Mango Pale Ale

If you're into beer that has more of a fruity flavor, then S.t John Brewers' Tropical Mango Pale Ale is definitely the one for you. Their flagship beer has all of the unique Caribbean flavors that you would expect from something carrying the name of this delicious fruit. It's available year round, too, so you can enjoy a little summer in your cup any time of year. 

7. Wynwood Brewing: La Rubia

Wynwood Brewing's La Rubia

They may still be in the process of opening, but that hasn't stopped Miami-based Wynwood Brewing from making waves with their La Rubia varietal. It's a pale ale that's golden in color and made with crisp and fruity flavors that are sure to delight. Puerto Rican owner Luis Brignoni is hoping to officially open in June, bringing this delicious brew to the masses.

8. Most Wanted Brewery: Pink Posse

Most Wanted Brewery's Pink Posse

Inspired by the Mexican tea, agua de Jamaica, Most Wanted Brewery's Pink Posse beer is actually pink in color. How fun is that?! More than just the pretty factor, the beer takes its color from being made with dried hibiscus flowers and lemon peels--adding a delicious aroma that you just can't resist. It almost tastes like cranberry, which should be perfect for the beer haters in your life.