How to Get Back on Track With Your Resolutions & Not Feel Like a Failure

It is mid January. Have you already fallen off the resolution wagon? Whether you promised yourself you’d date more, save more or eat healthier, we’ve got the simplest ways to get back on track so you don’t feel like you dropped the ball. (Seriously, these are so simple you’ll be wondering how you already got off track by January 4.)

1. resolution breakfast

Eating Breakfast
All of 2013, you vowed to stop thinking you needed only a cup of coffee, then by lunch time order a meal that could feed a small family of five. But now that it’s 2014, you’ve fallen back into your old habits: coffee for energy, right? And who has time to make breakfast when you’re just trying to get out of the door?
How to not feel like a failure:
Buy a healthy breakfast (to go with your coffee) on the way to work.
Look, the benefits of eating breakfast are known: you have more energy, you concentrate better, and you maintain a healthy weight. So next time you’re going to grab your coffee, add a breakfast sandwich to the mix. Dunkin’ Donuts has a DDSMART menu that basically takes the guesswork out of picking something healthy. Try a Sliced Turkey Breakfast Sandwich that comes with turkey, egg, cheese on a flatbread. And at 310 calories, you’re eating healthier, to boot! Which brings us to our next point…

2. resolutions healthier

Eating Healthier
This is one of the most vague resolutions, while also one of the most popular. “Next year I’m going to eat smarter!” you say, while toasting with champagne and eating tons of queso at your New Year’s Eve party. No shocker here: you have no idea where to start.
How to not feel like a failure:
Translate “eating healthier” into a more tailored goal by focusing on one category you tend to go a little loca on.
Are you a dessert fanatic? Try switching your normal tubs of ice cream for low-cal frozen yogurt. If you’re out and you want to “splurge” on calories, order a dessert to share.
Are you one for snacking? Cut up veggies and have dip on hand for quick bites. Have frozen fruit bars in your freezer for when you want something sweet.
Finally, are you a happy hour lover? Cut down on the calories by avoiding “sweet” drinks, which can be laden with sugar. Or better yet, host happy hour at your house with Miami Cocktail Co.’s pre-mixed cocktails. They are low calorie, sugar-free, and ready-to-serve with no gluten, sodium, additives or preservatives. Plus, they come in under 77 calories per glass. (The average cocktail comes in around a whopping 450 calories per serving. Yikes!) And by hosting happy hour at your casa, you’re saving money on pricey cocktails, which brings us to our next point…

3. resolutions money

Saving Money
It’s easy to think you’re going to save money, then look at your budget and realize there’s nothing left to save. But that’s bad thinking. There are too ways to “save” money: finding an extra bit of income and putting it away for a rainy day or cutting back on expenses.
How to not feel like a failure:
For extra income, purge your closet and try selling your clothing at Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, or another consignment shop. You can also do it online (we’re big fans of Like Twice). You can also sign up to do random jobs on sites like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk. Then, sign up for a savings account where you can filter that cash without being able to access it right away – ensuring you’re actually saving not splurging!
For cutting back on expenses, the biggest expense for most families is food. Use a weekly meal planner (you can find many online) to make sure you’re finding the cheapest (i.e. most in season) veggies, using ingredients several times a week and in general, making the most of your meals. Also, think about investing in a slow cooker, which will let you make bigger batches of food (which you can then serve for lunches or freeze) as well as use tougher cuts of meat (read: cheaper), since the slow cooking process will tenderize them – perfect for chilis, soups and stews. (Try the Bella Diamonds 6-qt. slow cooker, $60, JCPenney.comAnd we’re giving one away!)

4. resolutions dating

Dating More
Dating can seem daunting, it’s true. And with everything you have going on – work, school, life – love can definitely take a backseat.
How to not feel like a failure:
Setting up a date can be as easy as opening up an app. Swoon and Tinder are both great apps that are quick and simple to get a conversation going. But there are a ton more – it’s all about finding what’s best for you.  Here are some of the best dating apps for Latinas.

5. resolutions gym

Going to the Gym
But. It’s just. Too. Far. Away... Hey, signing up for a gym membership is easy – it’s the going part that sucks.
How to not feel like a failure:
Money motivates people. So make it work for you by signing up for Pact (, an app that rewards (and punishes) you based on how your gym goals. Commit to a weekly exercise pact, then use the app to track your progress. If you hit your goals, you’re entered to win money (with others who also hit their goals.) If you don’t make it to the gym? They take away money from your account (real money, not monopoly money!) based on what you agreed to. That money is then used to reward those who actually hit their goals. Honestly, if that doesn’t get you out of bed and on to a machine, we don’t know what will.

6. resolutions resume

Job Hunting
Job hunting can sometimes feel like just another job. So when real work builds up, it can become the least of your worries. But, uh, that doesn’t really solve the problem chica.
How to not feel like a failure:
Commit to two hours every week to up your job hunting game, but make sure to give yourself varity. Not everything is about emails. Use one hour to update your resume, then write an email to an old coworker to let her know that you’re looking for more opportunities. Sign up for a networking happy hour, then use your other hour to do research on the company you’d love to work for. By giving yourself a varied schedule, you’ll not only become more motivated, but more importantly – you won’t be bored and give up.