Jessica Alba's The Honest Company Partners With Target

Jessica Alba's The Honest Company Partners With Target
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The Honest Company is coming to a Target near you. Jessica Alba's company -- which focuses on non-toxic, safe products for home and baby -- has locked down a deal with Target, with products available in June. 

“You can pretty much get anything you want [there],” Alba told People. “From food to clothing to school supplies and, obviously, your household cleaning items and everything in between. It’s just wonderful that we got to partner with a like-minded company that believes in quality and design.”

Co-founder Christopher Gavigan adds, “There’s such a great element of convenience at Target that we feel was inherent in our brand. We really only work with best in class partners and … we thought that Target was right in line with Honest’s values.”

As for Alba's little ones? They can't get enough of the products either.

“Honor does help me with the kitchen, she loves to clean up. Actually, Haven does too. They can’t wait to get a spray bottle and clean the floor or counter — except they always spray one area,” Alba jokes.

“I’m like, “We have to do the entire counter, not just one tiny spot.’ They like the way that the Honest products smell.”