Inspiring Young Latina of the Week: Jersey City High School Teacher Silvia Moya

High School social studies teacher Silvia Moya inspires dozens of students every day. Teaching is not only this Ecuadorean’s dream, but her passion! It is through her own dedication that she is able to motivate other young people to reach beyond what they ever thought possible to accomplish goals they never knew they had. It is because of Silvia’s hard work and unrelenting commitment to making a difference that she has been selected as our inspiring young Latina this week!

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Here’s Why Silvia Inspires Us:

Silvia grew up in a community flush with immigrants and often looked to her teachers as beacons of encouragement. When she was in 8th grade, a teacher took her and a few others to visit Rutgers University. In the area where Silvia was raised, many weren’t looking ahead to college, so to have an adult show that kind of belief in her abilities set a fire in Silvia’s heart. When she attended college, her childhood dream of becoming a teacher resurfaced and came to fruition. Just as she had been inspired by teachers throughout her life, she aimed to be that same pillar for her own students one day.

Out of college, Silvia began work as a monolingual history teacher at Ferris High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Before long, she was offered a permanent spot as a bilingual teacher, a position put in place to keep ESL (English as a Second Language) students from falling behind in their other courses due to a language barrier. “That was really hard,” stated Silvia about having to make herself comfortable speaking bilingually with students. “I hadn’t really used my native language of Spanish in a professional way, so I had to relearn everything to be able to speak confidently.”

Now going into her 3rd year of teaching, Silvia shows no signs of slowing down. She helps out with a club for young Latinos within the school, she is earning her a master’s diploma and most importantly she has remained committed to seeing her students achieve excellence. “The biggest reward is helping those kids fill out applications,” gushed Silvia. “Getting those college applications back saying that they’ve been accepted is a huge thing because I know they want it. It’s awesome to see them work hard and actually achieve their goals.”

Silvia has certainly inspired us! We are proud of what you have already accomplished and the quality you continue to strive for. We wish you nothing but success and continuing motivation for the future!

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