Inspiring Young Latina of the Week: Caitlin McGinnis

At the tender age of 14, Caitlin McGinnis already understands the importance of loving others, and she is putting that belief into action. McGinnis is representing her community and giving the greatest gift that one can give - her time. This is why we’re proud to honor Caitlin as this week’s Inspiring Young Latina!

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Here’s Why Caitlin Inspires Us:

As a high school freshman in Northern New Jersey, Caitlin (who's Cuban) is already working hard toward becoming the best person, and student, that she can be. A fervent reader and lover of Harry Potter, Caitlin was selected as an 8th grader to take the SAT's due to her soaring national test scores. She goes after what she wants, seeking out her teachers to ask how she might improve when she does not meet her own high standards. She has twice had her poetry published in a publication dedicated to celebrating young poets in New Jersey, and as a result of her academic accomplishments is a part of the John Hopkins University program.

While these are all achievements worth gawking at, it is Caitlin’s big heart that we celebrate most. “As a little girl she used to say that the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, was evil only because people were not loving to her, she needed to be loved,” wrote her mother Iliana McGinnis who nominated her and insists Caitlin saw the good in people from an early age. “While other little girls wanted the Sleeping Beauty doll, Caitlin wanted the evil queen Maleficent so that she could give her some love.”

Despite losing her own father at the age of 4, Caitlin prefers to focus on helping others who suffer rather than wallowing in her own sadness. When she hears of someone less fortunate, she feels deeply compelled to do something for them whether that is giving an American Girl doll to a child or bringing joy to a nursing home by offering cookies, flowers and entertaining through singing, dancing and her sense of humor. Caitlin is also a junior committee member for Julia's Butterfly Foundation, a charity that helps children with chronic and fatal illnesses.

You are doing admirable work for your community, Caitlin, and we can only hope that your giving spirit continues to blossom with time. Keep up the great work!

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